1. NTA, it’s really weird that she’s using your name. if she wanted to use a different name she could’ve used a more basic name

  2. yeah, if her name is really unique, and an employer (or potential partner, etc) googles her and this persons OF pops up - they aren’t going to bother clicking on it to verify it’s not OP. OP is right to be upset…this feels super unethical on so many levels.

  3. NTA - it is really weird that she wanted to use for name in a sexual context, where I assume she’d probably think of you whenever she heard it. Especially if she’s linking her onlyfans to her personal instagram where I assume your mutuals will recognize the name. She might just honestly like the name though and not see a problem with using it.

  4. It's honestly probably worse that she's leaving fully into the "Oh look at my exotic name" white woman act than anything else. You aren't the asshole for being uncomfortable about it, or commenting on it, and you probably dodged a bullet here because racism is comorbid with a lot of other bad shit.

  5. NTA - I would tag her account and blast her for fetishizing your name and how weird and frankly gross that is. She’s not your friend if she’s doing something like this and it is not okay at all.

  6. NTA she shouldnt be using your name without asking u because u dont want her fans mistaking u for her and whatever problem this can cause u for ur future. Eg if an employer googles your name and the porn na.e comes up it wont look good and may cause u problems.in the future

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  8. NTA and that is so unbelievably disturbing, my skin was crawling as a read this. Your friend is off her rocker for thinking this was acceptable in any way. take care of yourself OP bc It doesn’t sound like she’s going to be civil about sorting this.

  9. Whew NTA. That is not appropriate. Maybe see if you can get a lawyer to do a cease and desist? Idk if you have a legal case but frighten her enough to stop? Maybe contact only fans to tell them she’s using your name?

  10. Honestly? She lacks imagination and sounds a bit like a loser. I don't blame you for being grossed out. You can definitely call her out, and be justified in doing so. I don't see her complying though. NTA.

  11. Nta but very few people actually become successful enough to even be known or let alone recognized with the millions of average women trying to start an only fans. Your name wont become a staple of only fans or anything like that if that is your worry.

  12. My name is the long done juan. If anyone wants..... youbknow. To do the sex... on the interwebs. Qnd my production company is donkey dong productions. (Totally not real. But thought qbout 15 Years ago...)

  13. She has a unique name for that area. So its not the average situation. Plus, its gross when people try to pretend to be other ethnicities for profit.

  14. Yeah YTA, It's some random ex friends onlyfans. It is so unimportant you shouldn't be getting upset over it. You don't own your name either, it isn't yours, it's a name. Relax and get over it. There are more important things going on in life, don't be a snowflake.

  15. NAH. She obviously liked your name. Should she have picked a different name because she had a friend with the same name? Probably. It's weird to pick a name of someone you know. Yet you can't expect her to change it now. Maybe just distance yourself from her since you aren't that close anyways?

  16. you are not the asshole here but she isnt either. she probably shouldnt have the account linked with her actual personal account for safety purposes and also you dont want some creep that wants to pry into her life to somehow find you.

  17. YTA. There is a porn star with my legal name. I have no problem with that, my name isn’t entitled to be entirely mine. There are people around the world that have similar names. And I’m guessing by the nature of being a sex worker most of the people who pay her or whatever are complete strangers who have no idea who you are so I’m not sure how you’ve come to the conclusion it has to do with you and being underage? And the physical difference in your appearance would mean no one could mistake you for the same person?

  18. Yeah but its gross when people try to pretend to be other ethnicities or mixed for profit. Obviously OP is shocked that her rare name is being used especially since she knows this person.

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