1. Yeah, it really sucks that some people are choosing to point the finger at individuals instead of acknowledging that the real issue here is how broken the American healthcare system as a whole is and that it needs to be changed. Being hateful/making assumptions doesn’t help the situation in any way :/

  2. Of course, a donation is given voluntarily by definition, otherwise it would be extortion. But people attacking them on ig for a gofundme and a plead for help are really the worst.

  3. Yup. Anyone catch 60 minutes episode tonight? Fucking brilliant, eye-opening SCARY ass segment social media is literally RUINING this country and society as a whole. The more negative , trashy shit people post/say (true or untrue), the quicker is goes viral and the more $$ in ads!

  4. Scott has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. William explained that he can't rely on insurance because he's an independent contractor and that they're helping him behind the scenes in many ways. In the meantime they posted a gofundme link to allow us fans to donate and help more with his medical bills and people started attacking them saying that the band is rich enough to pay for his bills in full without asking strangers for help on the internet.

  5. When I read all those negative comments tossed at the band I was really disgusted. I wanted to write something but I didn't have the words. I'm glad Todd spoke up. If he saw those comments I'm sure the band has seen them too. So many were directed at Jerry and that's really heartbreaking. The man has lost so many friends, I'm sure he'd give every cent in his possession to bring those people he's loved and lost back to life, but that's not how the world works. Like Todd said, we have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. The band asked for help on behalf of their friend, if people don't want to help or can't that's completely fine, but the negativity that was spread over asking for help is really unnecessary. Best of luck to Scott. I hope the band and Scott don't take all the negativity to heart.

  6. Yep, you would think that moments like these would remind people to just be loving and positive (especially considering the fact that Scotty is probably reading the comments). They shouldn’t have to explain themselves, but of course people forget that there’s more going on than what was presented on social media…

  7. what possible negative things could people possibly have to say about this??? I am unaware of any of this. could you please elaborate?

  8. Imagine the world where everyone helped everyone who needed help if they could. No conditions, no questions. No pointing the fingers at the “rich” and expecting them to save the world. Everyone should do their part if they can.

  9. I did not comment on the Instagram post but I do find the go fund me silly. You’re telling me a band made of multi millionaires playing to sold out venues cannot afford to help their friend with 100k?

  10. That’s the thing, he’s not their employee. He’s an independent contractor and works with other artists in addition to AIC. And the problem here isn’t that he’s not paid a livable wage or anything, it’s that healthcare in the US is so ridiculously expensive that people can’t pay for their own medical expenses. From what William and Mike have said, the GoFundMe is just one of multiple efforts they’re working on, but I imagine the other things (like if they do a benefit concert or something) will take a bit more time and planning.

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