1. Maybe she didn’t like raising you from when you were 2, but she did it anyway. You need to bite your lip until she’s not in earshot then let rip your anger. Try to walk in her shoes, she’s elderly and sick and her grandson is abusing her, no wonder she’s miserable! I know the misery you’re feeling tho, my parents are now elderly and needy and I’m not in good health myself so I dread a call from them as I know they’ll be asking for help. But they’ve been there for me my whole life and it’s time for me to be there for them. Speak to your doctor, I don’t know where you live but surely there’s support for carers you can access? Don’t abuse that poor old lady anymore, if you can’t cope with looking after her then please find an alternative so she’s well cared for. When you’re old and helpless you’ll want the same thing.

  2. I don’t know you but one day your grandmother isn’t going to be there. The person who raised you and cared for you isn’t going to be there anymore and one day you are going to look back on how you had treated and will regret it extremely. Change now or get your grandmother the help she needs. My father had open heart surgery two years ago and needed me and my family to help him with a lot. He hated it but we did it because that’s what he needed. Your grandmother needs help and you are using her and treating her like she is this evil person. You are allowed to be upset that you can’t do everything you want but you need to accept the situation and take care of her. She needs it. You get to be upset from time to time. There’s no reason to treat her so terribly though. Write things in a journal, tear paper, or sing loud music in the car. Don’t take it out on your grandmother. You would hope someone would care for you when you need it.

  3. I am willing to read and accept any and all criticism relating to the “verbal abuse” of my grandmother. I deserve it, I NEED IT as a wake up call, and I need to change. That’s all I want is a change. If that “change” needs to be or is me then it’s time to suck it up and accept it as such and do better. That’s all I can do.

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