1. Because it’s not news. This crap happens all the time. This type of behavior has become acceptable somehow. Those women won’t be prosecuted. The business will fix everything and be back open the next day.

  2. Univision is a western news outlet. In fact, I think most if not all Spanish news outlets are western as I do not believe there are Spanish speaking countries in the east part of the world.

  3. It’s really sad to see this behavior, I’ve seen basically this exact same situation in dozens of other videos online and it’s nearly always these young confident women who have never been told no in their lives and think they deserve the world.

  4. The employee was afraid to fight back at them so they decided to record instead. According to them they were thinking of holding onto a knife or throw boiling oil at them if they begin attacking them directly.

  5. Read the article. Employee had contusions and injuries to their head that needed medical attention. The thing is that these women took cash out the register. So it’s not vandalism, it became a robbery and aggravated assault. I think causing harm during a Robbery adds extra but not sure.

  6. Disgusting people. I hope they have to pay for all of the damage and lost business for the restaurant (spoiler: they won't).

  7. I hope so too, and that they catch assault/battery charges. This article isn't great but it claims they were arrested after the fact. Not sure if it's true but we can hope.

  8. And they'd fire you in a heartbeat. If you are going to get fired anyways you might as well go all out with a lead pipe like that one video.

  9. Imagine if she sued “oh yeah i fell at this establishment i need to sue” Judge sees the video like 👁 👄 👁

  10. All I know is when I see people twerking in situations like this I just want someone to kick their ass so that they fall face first.

  11. See now to me the consequence would be knowing I committed these acts. But I guess not all people are wired the same in that regard.

  12. Agreed. Though in this situation I’m sure the employees would face charges for fighting back. That’s the true injustice, the real victims can not protect themselves due to the culture of victimhood today.

  13. NYC laws preventing people from CCing have been throw out by SCOTUS too, it might actually be an option for these folks again.

  14. Dude this NYC cops will rush to arrest you first just for brandishing it. You’ll get a felony and all the twerkers just go home like nothing happened. Place is fucked, I refuse to even visit that shithole

  15. This was in New York. Where you’re not allowed to defend yourself. Only the criminals can have guns there.

  16. There was a post today about a bodega worker who was attacked and defended himself with a knife. He is fighting 2nd degree murder charges now I believe.

  17. You can’t imagine not being racist after watching one video? Something tells me you didn’t try too hard.

  18. You know, there are many things to be said here, but what really sticks out for this particular “freak”out is: this is why we can’t have nice things. Have you ever seen pics/ footage from Japan? How clean and orderly and polite their society is? We could have that too. Instead we have this.

  19. They don't realize that they're contributing to the radicalization of young white men, and that they're giving ammunition to anti black racists everywhere when they do this shit

  20. Oh come on, I'm not going to judge an entire race of people on 3 idiots. But when you add in all the others who laughed and filmed...

  21. Because then the worker that used the fire extinguisher would be charged and sued. And they’d win too. It’s NYC, only criminals get rights there.

  22. If they think they've got nothing to lose for doing this, they'll be surprised how hard their life is gonna be after the consequences of their actions caught up to them.

  23. What consequences? You think life’s gonna be hard for them? These girls have a future of making money off how many babies they can push out and being neglectful mothers.

  24. They do this in hopes that these people will defend themselves then they can sue the worker and the business and get rich. Their lifestyle is a way of making money for them.

  25. Ranch made with preservatives and shit that comes in those little tubs with pizza or chicken strips often costs 50 cents to a dollar, in NYC from a well known place with inflation it's not even suprising. Ironically, part of the cost is probably from the insurance you have operating a business where this behavior is typical.

  26. It will be called racist. Karen only spread because its an extremely white name so people could use it without facing major backlash from crybullies.

  27. All the Men standing back recording for entertainment instead of intervening and helping the staff is shocking.

  28. I would want to, but I wouldn't for the same reason the guy working the restaurant isn't, you start beating one these chicks ass, then a bunch of white knights jump on you

  29. Intervene? I ain't gonna get in the middle of this shitshow, you gotta be next level stupid to try and stop this bullshit.

  30. Not women. Self-entitled bitches. I don't get it. Who the fuck do they think they are? It's fucking maddening to be a decent human these days.

  31. Hopefully but we shall see. The dumb ass chick that wrecked the taco stand recently got charged with burglary or robbery, I can’t remember exactly. Whatever it was it was good to see. If someone does something like this and they get disorderly conduct or a similar slap on the wrist charge what’s the point? This is deplorable behavior and it should be punished.

  32. We should bring back good ol public shaming… lock them all in the wooden thing with just their arms and head stuck in them and let ppl just throw rotten fruit or garbage at them lol. For someone to think this is ok they have something wrong with them

  33. If I saw this shit i would have grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed the three biches down cause they need to chill the fuck out

  34. Another post on Reddit that will get locked soon because, you know, it doesn't push the agenda that Reddit has had for a while now.

  35. What's the point of the twerking? That makes no sense in that context, such a random incoherent behaviour. What does it contribute to their objective?

  36. Dude what the fuck. Thank the fucking lord our savior that I don’t live anywhere near urban neighborhoods anymore. I will never go anywhere near these kind of people again.

  37. If i was the employee I would’ve walked out the back and let them destroy the place. This behavior isn’t worth my energy or my life.

  38. When i worked in a local joint, we had a little pot ready for anyone who became violent, mostly robbers, it was only used once because the threat of boiling hot grease was already enough to make them say "fuck this" and leave, until one asshole thought he could just fight through the pain, saw the manager throw that whole pot on the robber, and i can still hear the screams of the guy running out of the building and hear the screams go into the distance and fade out.

  39. I always fantasized about this shit happening when I was in hospitality. Where I worked we always had huge quantities of chilli, tubs of dry seeds, powder, fresh birds eye chilli chutneys etc.

  40. As far as I'm concerned, every single item they three was an assault with a deadly weapon (felonious assault), which carries a minimum 5 year sentence. Give them 5 years for every item thrown. Or would that be racist?

  41. Rabid 😂😂😂😂 that’s the best description of that sort of behaviour I’ve ever heard. I need to understand how this app works better because with little understanding I feel this deserves an award. Can anyone help ?

  42. Entitled, Is not about race, but if I find out one of my daughters behave like that in public ills take her straight to crazy house

  43. TRASH.. I blame this type of shit on people being raised on social media. Majority of young folks have lost morals and respect.. Its fucking sad

  44. I wouldn’t do shit either. Regardless, all of them women can hurt or grievously harm camera person. This seem like intoxication and pack mentality took over. Good luck being hot girls in jail with no eyelashes lol

  45. I was actually like "The black shirt ain't bad" when she stopped the friend during the first jump in until she said fuck it and joined in too.

  46. as soon as they step behind the counter they’d be getting the fire extinguisher, either that or a spray of hot sauce in the face

  47. Why’s the guy in the back left got his phone on long ass selfie stick? People just randomly have their phones on these or do the well mannered women dine at a different place every night?

  48. Hoodrats, no respect for themselves so they don't have respect for others. It's their parents fault the way they are raised. It's sad this is our society these days.

  49. Hood rats being hood rats. Put these floaters in prison every time they pull this shit and it will slow down.

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