1. Yeah, I'm not a a badass who gets into fights a lot. The last fight I had was in high school and I'm in my forties now and pretty civilized. I know how to use words. But if you kicked my dog, I honestly don't think I'd be able to control myself. Just watching this video made me want to do violence to that piece of garbage.

  2. I picked up a bike and beat a dog with it once. I was in 5th grade and was walking my dog in my neighborhood. A neighbors Dalmatian came into the street and flipped my dog on its back and by her stomach picked her up and shook her like a chew toy. That’s when I hit it with my bike, it dropped my dog and ran away. My dogs intestines where hanging out a little bit. The doctor said the only reason she lived was because she was so fat lol. She then lived to be 18 and outlived that f-ing Dalmatian. Hopefully that first sentence got some peoples blood boiling lol

  3. Yeah the guy filming is soft. I avoid fights as much as I can, but if someone kicked my dog I’d smack the shit of them

  4. Lmao, came here to say the same. Someone kicking an innocent animal deserves their fair share of kicks as well.

  5. If that other lady wasn't there, that long haired dude would have white knighted the fuck out of her and taken her side. You can see he's so ready to simp for her.

  6. He's still trying to defend her even after learning she's basically a psychopath attacking random people.

  7. I don’t have a dog. I have indoor cats, but if some piece of human garbage kicked one of them, I would put them in the ground or die trying.

  8. forreal i got so fkin enraged seeing this video. if she even so as touched my dog, i would have KO'd her ass & kept hitting her till she's unconscious.

  9. Either A (and preferably) body slam her onto her head, or B call the cops, don't just let her walk away after pulling some crap like that cause she'll just do it again, she's clearly comfortable with doing it so she either does it a lot or is just a psychopath.

  10. Dude has some serious patients…. Assault me, sure. Assault my dog? Imma throw you a beating, purely cause the dog can’t.

  11. He took enough video of her for evidence after the first 10-15 seconds. Why doesn’t he pick up and protect or comfort his dog and get the hell out of there?

  12. This guy clearly doesnt give a shit about his dog. You already had a video within the first 30 secs, but you decided to stay around for minutes after instead of leaving and calling the cops and getting her to a vet.

  13. When you have a white knight right around the worst thing to do is just leave without explanation. Good way to have a thirsty guy beat the crap out of you for no reason. I think he did the right thing.

  14. I guess I read the situation more like he didn't know what to do after him and his dog were attacked, got confronted by another guy and wanted to continue recording everything because he was considering pressing charges.

  15. Hit anybody if deserves. I used to be against violence but now I feel like some people deserve a punch in the face.

  16. She seemed to be trying to bait him into responding/retaliating. Psychos like this are dangerous af from a legal perspective. How many cops would believe the guy versus that lunatic? Even Shaggy the Vegan there was taking her side…

  17. Dude ain’t without fault in this video either. He just saw how she kicked his dog and rather than bringing his dog into safety he argues with her and gets his dog kicked again. Now the dog is shaking, just wants to go away but can’t because this idiot keeps on staying there and repeatedly tell this deranged girl how she has kicked his dog. How about bringing the dog to safety first and then call out the dog kicking girl?

  18. Yeah I really dislike when ppl talk this way but those dog owners were absolute pussies. If someone did that to my dog we wouldn’t be talking it out.

  19. Seems like that’s what she wanted. She takes one on the chin and sues the guy. Scammers do crazy shit sometimes.

  20. Why did this altercation drag out soooo long?!?! Holy shit, ether punch that bitch in the face or call the cops and have them punch that bitch in the face! Jeez! 😂

  21. You should by all means defend yourself with any level of force needed to get that crazy psycho bitch from hell to back the fuck off

  22. Everyone is on Ssris and it’s making them go crazy. I can’t be the only one who sees the correlation.

  23. The SSRIs aren’t the problem. They aren’t causing mass shootings. The thing that is causing so many people to feel like they need SSRIs is the real cause for our problems but everyone just wants to fight each other instead of work together to solve this.

  24. Kick my dog and i dont care if you’re big, small, white, black, asian, man or woman, you’re getting a slap

  25. I mean dude could have literally done anything to her and gotten off free, in Florida at least. Battery and false imprisonment (not letting go of him) are enough to qualify stand your ground law and deadly force. I admire his self control.

  26. If I was walking my dogs and someone started following me to kicked them in the ribs I would knock their teeth down their throat

  27. I'm absolutely getting chest to chest with that lady, bending my knees a little, wrapping my arms around her, lifting her up as high as I can, twisting at the midsection and bring one arm higher than the other, and then dropping her, if she were to kick my dog. Fuck that noise dude.

  28. Just thinking about someone doing this to my girlfriends bordercollie gets my blood boiling (she got her when we where already together so i knew her since she was a little pup and she is now a good big 2yo girl and she is so cute), im not a violent person in any way, i had some fights some years back (just self defense situations for me), but that stuff would get me to seriously hurt someone (only in self defense ofc).

  29. When it happened I remember police saying it was likely an extortion scam. She was a known prostitute. She provokes, gets attacked and her gangster buddies are recording nearby. Then they extort the victim.

  30. complains about knowing nothings going to come of it but also doesnt do shit about it lmfao. such pussies

  31. Trying to steal the dog. Looks like an expensive breed. Edit; woman opposite this guy who also apparently was assaulted has a shih tzu. They can go up to $1000.

  32. exactly. I would love it if the psycho kicking my dog was a 100 pound fem. so much easier. ace the bitch(well ebough the time feels worth it), flee(to stash my precious baby with someone who won't euthanize them), then go do my time.

  33. This must be Canada. The amount of beta-ness in those men. I would have punched that 110lb Asian lady right in the face after I started recording.

  34. I'd fuckin Sparta kick that bitch if she kicked my dog especially if it's one of those defenseless poofballs

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