1. Northern Mexico is actually slowly becoming more American, being more culturally and economically tied to the sun belt than southern Mexico.

  2. Spent nearly my entire life living one town over from Haltom City, moved away a couple years ago but still frequent the area to visit family. Haltom City has pretty much always been one of the Hispanic suburbs of the Fort Worth. High profile violent crimes like this are uncommon, but most people know to avoid the area because vehicle break ins and muggings are somewhat common.

  3. You wish. In Mexico abortion in no longer penalize. In Mexico people have healthcare and free university. God damn US truly sucks.

  4. He served the army for 7 years. I thought it was a case of PTSD, but later in the article it says he never deployed. I wonder what he was going through

  5. Just an aggro sack of shit jealous that a girl didn't chose him so he used all of his military training to ambush a man from behind like a modern Jack McCall only to pussy out the second someone else armed arrived. A fucking coward and a complete dishonor to the uniform may he and his shit family all rot in hell for this.

  6. Hm, not very often you end your term with an uneven number. Usually (not always) that means you got kicked out for one reason or another.

  7. summers are usually more violent in general but mass shooting also tend to kick off a wave of more mass shooting due to copycats

  8. Nobody gets paid enough and everything is getting more expensive. We have a whole new generation who sees their future as working a dead end job and never being able to afford even a house. People are at their wits end.

  9. If you give people unlimited access to firearms while constantly defunding social services that identify and address mental health issues, this is what you get.

  10. Why are shootings happening more frequently?? I swear first in Uvalde than highland and now this? We are going insane as a country I swear

  11. They don't. These are just now being recorded. But shootings have only become a mainstream problem in the last 2 decades. You could probably correlate this with the US becoming more progressive.

  12. There have been 106 mass shootings in the United States since Uvalde. I'm using the definition where 4 or more people were injured or killed in a single location.

  13. He's saying he got shot in the femoral artery. I'm assuming they know how to stop the bleeding on such injuries so he'll be ok.

  14. I think you’ll find the majority of cop killers are white men in domestic violence situations, typically conservative. Not the same defund crowd.

  15. So he knew the couple? Was in the military? Kills woman and her Bf then himself?…definitely not a case of jealousy

  16. Turned on the sound and it's even more disturbing, that sounds like a damn machine gun. Those sounds have no place in society let alone the suburbs

  17. It was a semi-automatic firearm. 1 round per pull of the trigger. Machine guns are heavily regulated in the US under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

  18. Not really pertinent to the video. But the problem is that cops don’t get trained equally. There needs to be one major location where all cops are given the same training and same pay similar to military, but more like the AF where there’s only one Boot Camp location regular enlisted.

  19. Hotter take: cops get paid too much and not held accountable for their crimes often enough to warrant higher pay.

  20. American cops, providing entertainment for the rest of the civiled world for X decades already. Thank you for your service!

  21. I wonder why Texas has their officer under constant threat of being shot in the line of duty?!?!?!?

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