1. Starts screaming right after he willing lit it... oh yes, absolutely realistic. Totally not exaggerated, so public, much freakout.

  2. Honestly, he'd be a bigger fucking idiot that I thought he was if this was staged... Is risking starting a house fire really worth the content?

  3. He is literally lighting fireworks on top of a box packed with more fireworks and even more on his bed. Do you think these are all fake or what? Not staged. These are 100% real and he almost burned Down his house.

  4. You could debate this is staged, but I doubt it. He almost killed himself and his own mother. If you watch the entire video, he seems to think it was going to pop confetti or something:

  5. I hate this man. And if I recall he had a huge controversy about saying he would sexually assault a girl simply because nobody would be around to stop him in a hypothetical. And then to save his career, he totally completely and genuinely came out of the closet. Pulled a Tyler the creator on everybody. Isn't that funny that these days coming out as gay will wipe out other controversies. Anyway, waste of space person.

  6. This is the same piece of shit who admitted he would rape a woman if they were the last two people on the planet. Not surprised by this clip either.

  7. Is this that fucktard that stages his reaction videos and screams at obvious shit? If so, he can go fuck himself.

  8. Every post I see of Speed reminder: the kid harassed a woman in valorant with a bunch of really rude shit and said "is a woman really talking to me", and also got mad because when he asked a hypothetical to a girl on adin Ross's stream about if she'd fuck him if they were the last two on earth that he said he'd rape her because who'd stop him

  9. Remember: don’t go to his channel and give him views, wait until his idiocy is posted here.

  10. Maybe a dumb question, but how does a person who has millions of followers, and who I've seen livestreaming to like 100k+ people live in squalor with his mom?

  11. Dude's a complete piece of shit, he asked a woman on an online dating show whether she would repopulate with him if he was the last man on earth, she said no, and he said "who gunna stop me?" over and over and then goes on a screaming rant.

  12. I don't mind him being a dumbass moron. He is entitled to do stupid shit and get beat by his mama. But I'll be damned if I catch any of the kids in my family watching nonsense like this.

  13. That brainlet's whole thing is that he screams and makes poor decisions, or at least that's the only thing I've seen from him. Not worth hyping him up to do anything but make fun of him

  14. I really don’t know why people like this guy. All he does is act dumb, scream, make misogynistic comments & more. I see him pop up all the time on social media & he always makes me cringe.

  15. He knew this was going to happen. Dude needs psychiatric help and his parents need to figure it out before they end up dead from the house burning down

  16. This kids downfall is gonna super sad he’s overdosing on clout and his fanbase is incredibly toxic they couldn’t care less about his well being

  17. I take it his schtick is to do the stupidest shit possible and acting surprised yelling and jumping around when something not good happens? My reasoning is: the broken ass bed, the broken ass chair, and that big ass hole in the wall behind him.

  18. I never like him since his content is high on multiple types of drugs to the point his viewers are high too. Makes you really doubt something like this can make you famous today. Just act autistic and poof you're famous.

  19. It's like Pikachu got possessed and try to hunt him down when he turned his direction to him

  20. “I didn’t know it was gonna do that” is the funniest part of the video. I just picture him buying it. Him: so this thing doesn’t like shoot flaming balls in the air or anything right, just some sparkles. Store clerk: “yea nothing crazy just a bunch of sparks but still be careful. Him: oh cool my subscribers are gonna love this.

  21. How he went from PIKACHUUU to that look he had on his daxs immediately after lighting it is priceless

  22. Bought fireworks. Lights them in the house. Starts a fire. Tells mom “I didn’t know, I didn’t know I didn’t know…” Sounds legit.

  23. God damn, it's gotta be smoky as fuck in there, not gonna get that smell out for a long fucking time.

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