1. Got you - you clicked into this thread thinking I was going to piss and moan about how inaccurate that post about the memetic animation with Geiru (but with lots of ranting instead of anything of meaning) currently making the rounds is to the actual video. I mean, it is, and the reason is quite obviously that the OP behind it knows nothing substantial whatsoever about fan media beyond what they've seen in random screenshot memes and .gifs of youtube videos, but that's already been talked about plenty. What I'm instead going to talk about here is the value of parody, and what separates good parody from bad parody. (there will also be one other thing at the end of this quick post, so look for that)

  2. i am cammy meele abd rh🤢da FINALLY has good character desibg only took her like 13 years (cammy did it better)

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