1. I had to take an assessment before getting my job now. It had nothing to do with accounting… 6 parts, 3 math (think like algebra 2 shit then word problems) and 3 sections including word association, analogies (this is to that as this is to — ) and one more I can’t remember.

  2. I remember talking to some people at PWC at an event in university about it (a few years ago) they were early in implementing the program, but had a problem with it because people they wanted to hire were failing it and so they couldn't qualify to be hired.

  3. I did an excel assessment before. I was impressed with my excel skills. But didn’t get the job. I always wanted to know which mf they picked and how different their excel sheet looked from mine.

  4. Had to do a test on Excel for a job that had various things, they gave me a shitty laptop with no mouse and to top if off a fire alarm went off so I was trying to figure out wtf I should do about that, safe to say I didn't finish in time

  5. I did an excel too! that test took me an entire day to do!!! couple days actually to make sure its right and havent heard back from them for a week now. I just wanted to know how i did!

  6. Yep, had a 2nd interview at a regional CPA firm and the minute I walked in they told me I had to take an assessment. They put me in the partners office alone with a 20 page test, a pencil, and a calculator and gave me 20 minutes to complete it. The questions were things you’d see on an intro to accounting exam.

  7. That’s pretty much everyone. Passing the CPA exams is more about demonstrating your ability and willingness to learn. Not saying this includes you, but I think a lot of people have a misconception that CPAs are a knowledge library of the exam materials.

  8. Yup, I just bombed an assessment during an interview because they wanted to know about my knowledge of the cashflow statement. Fun fact, I have not THOUGHT about the cash flow statement since I passed my CPA.

  9. I had to take an excel assessment for my current job. It wasn't a big deal. A TB and like 4 instructions. Took a couple hours because I overthink things and I wanted the job. Some ask for it and some don't.

  10. I’ve had to some assessments for jobs. Reason why was because one of the firms I worked at, the owner hired a kid who claimed on his resume he was experienced in complex personal and small business returns. So he hired him, only to find out that this guy had spent a month and a half on one return with a small schedule c, and when asked about it, he admitted to having problems with it. I can’t remember what the actual issue was, but it was a super simple one a first year accounting student could have worked through. This kids references also claimed he could do the things he claimed also, so the owner started assessments after that. I’ve seen this happen several times, but that was the most memorable. They’re usually very simple and take like five minutes tops (at least the ones I’ve done did).

  11. I did a "tax planning" assessment for HNW clients. It took quite a bit of time. Trial balances were provided, which were a total mess, and the instructions were "make tax planning suggestions for these affiliated a corps" - ok, find a good fucking controller is my suggestion.

  12. I would take an excel or software test. Not an accounting test, that's literally what my degree was for. I'd tell them I'd be happy to send in a copy of my degree.

  13. In my country this is usually the norm. I have done it all, from accounting, to English, to excel, to math and logic… and the shittier ones, group dynamics and personality tests.

  14. Just took one recently for a job in industry. Already had done three interviews and they sent me an assessment where I had to book journal entries and do a bank rec based off them. There was also a case study that was really confusing and didn’t make much sense. Didn’t think I did well on that part and figured I wouldn’t get a call back, but now they want to do a final round interview with two more people.

  15. Came across it twice this year. Once it was somewhat technical. Once it was a personality test. I rejected both offers for lack of fit. Taking the assessments gave me additional data points on what the companies were looking for, so it was helpful for me. Didnt keep me from feeling vaguely insulted though.

  16. I've done it for multiple different jobs in multiple different fields. It's ranged from computer skills, to logic problems, to technical accounting knowledge. Sometimes I got the job, sometimes I didn't.

  17. In 2018 for a job I got asked if inventory was a debit or a credit. End of assessment. I got the job. Apparently all the people they interviewed before me had issues. This was my first job after graduation. I don't like assessments for jobs but apparently there are some dumb mother fuckers out there.

  18. My old employer finally started giving a small excel test. Maybe would take 10 minutes. This is after a few new employees would talk in an interview like they knew and used excel, but I literally had one ask me “how do I add more rows here?”

  19. I got one before I got an offer for a lateral manager move. I was kind of offended tbh but I still did it and got the job. They literally sent me a return to review that they had made errors in it.

  20. Yeah it might be a personality test, had them done before. Maybe an excel assessment? I’ve had to do those before as well.

  21. In the interview process for a firm now. Had to do a test during the first interview, it was journal entries, balance sheet and bank rec. I haven't done any of that for years now. Just got an email that they now want me to do a personametrics test that is supposed to take two hours.

  22. My workplace does a live Excel assessment. The point is to see how you take instruction and feedback, and whether you are able to learn and apply new knowledge.

  23. Did an assessment for a company. Time limit of 30 minutes but got it done in 15 minutes, super easy.

  24. The worst assessment I've ever taken was an hour-long multiple choice accounting exam that covered such pertinent questions as... the order in which you post adjusting entries.

  25. I did an assessment once, for a retail company. They basically said “how would you estimate/account for returns?” but provided no sample data or further instructions. I spent a bunch of time making up sample data so I could use historical return rates/timing for an estimated reserve, documented procedures etc. They turned me down because “you didn’t capitalize all the words in your column headers and that doesn’t meet our expectations”. Lmao

  26. I just got a new job, and this one gloriously did not require a technical assessment, but almost all of the other roles I interviewed for did. Seems like it's turning into a normal thing. In all cases the technical assessment was to assess Excel skills (and maybe problem solving skills?) and only marginally had anything to do with accounting.

  27. I did one that is similar to a college entrance examination (Math, English, Logic etc...) and not really related to accounting. Also, I had to drive hours to go there because it needs to be done physically. In the end, the assessment wasn't really checked for results or viewed and no reimbursement for the travel expenses.

  28. Just had an interview for an internship that had a test i did not know about so i made plenty of mistakes and the interviewer pointed them out and told me the correct entries.

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