1. Try like “he tried and did a thing” or worth 3 points? Yeah I know nothing about rugby ether. Besides the allblacks

  2. A little bit of everything about it. But honestly it’s because I’ve never heard a bad thing about this place. I’m sure it’s got stuff like any other but I’ve never heard of anything bad

  3. Haha! So I’m leaving cus I don’t fit in here at all. I think I’ll do fine on that front. I’m going to put forth an effort to just completely not let my life before be mentioned outside of job interviews and such

  4. Having spent a good deal of time in NZ, my advice is to realize that Texas brand conservatism won’t make you any friends down under. Hopefully you have an open mind.

  5. Kia ora is commonly said for hello. It is a common Māori greeting. ‘Wh’ when it comes to name places (and in general with the Māori language) is pronounced like ‘F’ so Whanau (family) is ‘fa-nau’ and many people are friendly and keen to teach you/help you understand.

  6. Do you speak any other languages besides English? You're about to start to hear a lot of mixed sentences with Te Reo (Maori language) and enligsh.

  7. You'll find shit expensive as hell here mate, you won't be able to buy guns easily, abortion is legal, and you'll have to drive on the other side of the road.

  8. I do, they hate it, they are not good people, and hopefully I’ll never have to think about them ever again

  9. Pronounce every ‘i’ as an ‘e’. Also say the phrase: Mainland, your friend in the fridge. (Say it with the pronunciation as stated. It’s from a commercial in the 90s that stereotypes New Zealanders . My kiwi friend gets really annoyed when people keep saying that phrase to them.

  10. OP HERE! Wow ok so this is a thing now. I want to keep this going but I can’t keep up here. I made a Twitter. @NzWalkerin

  11. Feel free to drop in for a pie and a nice cold glass of L&P if you're in Christchurch (you poor bastard).

  12. Hi mate, welcome to NZ, if you need any advice or questions answered, PM me, im willing to help as much as I can.. We are an odd bunch with odd quirks that might take some getting used to, but I reckon we're worth the trouble! If I dont hear from you all the best!

  13. My life for so thoroughly fucked last 2 years that I figured that since I have to try again from scratch, I want to do it somewhere other than amarica

  14. Y’all were the best choise of a bunch of things, but 9/10 it was because I only speak English and this seemed like the smoothest part of the world to try furst

  15. Ok I figured it out. This is my Twitter. I’ll figure out a sensible way to sort these out when I get to them. Other than that, I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep this energy going and see if I could plausibly make a thing out of it. If that is interesting enough I’ll try to do something with that

  16. Depends where you're going in NZ, there's such a vast difference between North and south and even south of the North island. South Island is stunning, the scenery is quite something. I found it quite isolated though. I was offered a job in invercargill and it was like stepping back 30 years. Little variety from food to clothes and ridiculously expensive for houses that were no better than shacks IMO.

  17. dude you hit the jackpot, find a lovely bird (or whatever), take up fishing, skiing,hunting or hiking (the place is too stunning not too) , the weather has it all (sun and snow all on one island!) enjoy one of the few small town country’s ( everyone knows each other through a mate, rents cheep, the cops don’t drive tanks, easy going free health care, the list go’s on!) it’s awesome! unless you smoke cigarettes (massive tax) .

  18. ill get hate for this, but as a guy raised in nz and who's lived overseas for many years, i can say that white kiwi girls are probably, on average, some of the ugliest and least feminine girls in the world. they can be cool, outdoorsy, good at sport etc, but that's another matter.

  19. No questions, only advice from similar experiences. Say hi to everyone you can, accept every invitation, and you can always make friends by buying a round at the bar.

  20. Funny, I was just watching a YouTube video the other day of a doctor who moved from Texas to New Zealand and she loves it!

  21. Back in 1997, I left Texas and moved to Sydney. Was the first time ever there and I didn’t know anyone except the guy who was going to be my boss (although I barely got to know him). About 5 years later I moved back and also married my now wife. We live back in Houston, but just had another trip with my family to see all my in-laws.

  22. Very cool and I hope to run across updates of your great adventure! And, good for you for getting out before the worst of TX heat descends upon us!

  23. You’re gonna have a sick time!!!! 🤙🏼 Travel everywhere. Try see Aurora Australis. Touch some sheep. Learn about the history. Live your best life.

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  25. Whangārei! Been here 5 days now and I’m loving it! I’m working at the hub by the marina and I live on Maunu. My back yards back border is a river with eels in it. My home is old and has a wood stove in the middle and I’m living with an English girl right now but more xpats are coming

  26. I’m basically a guy whose life got compleatly destroyed and I figured that since I had to start over at zero anyway, I’d rather not start over in amarica

  27. You do realise that in New Zealand AR-15s and that sort of weapons are banned right? you can't own or have them.

  28. Used to be pretty laid back , current govt has worked everybody into a frenzy, cost of living for the average joe is equal to or above wages becoming more and more like America every day, it’s scenic tho and most people are nice, get out of the cities and explore

  29. Leaving Texas for New Zealand? Are you nuts? Like Canada new Zealand is run by a barely disguised communist sympathizer.

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