1. I asked if I could get the actual food, they then asked me for my receipt but I didn’t have it anymore, then they refused to give me the other food. I then went and asked for their manager so I could get the actual food, eventually it worked out but it was a big hassle

  2. The term—although specific in definition—has been watered down a lot in actual use of the word. Generally anyone “complaining” about anything is at risk of getting called a Karen these days, especially if they are rude, prideful or unreasonable.

  3. you stated earlier that you didn't have the receipt anymore - how much time passed from when you received the food to when you complained?

  4. As the manager of all Karens, I want to welcome you into our most exclusive social club. Please feel free to assert yourself into any and all peoples personal business, and remember that you are an authority figure to all people, including police, military, politicians, teachers, doctors, safety inspectors and crossing guards.

  5. I think this is totally fake. No woman would say she had hair “up to her shoulders.” The answers are super short and in the comments she plays like she’s super naive. And come on, who on Reddit doesn’t know what a Karen is? I think you have all been had.

  6. A Karen is who believes they are entitled to do whatever they want, like shouting at staff or being rude or unnecessarily demanding.

  7. Im so confused as to why she's being called a Karen. She went in and asked for the food she ordered because they gave her the wrong food, they tried to deny her because no receipt when they could've literally just looked it up & asked to speak to a manager because the staff wasn't sure how to resolve the issue. Asking for a manager to get to the bottom of a mistake their employees made is not being a Karen as long as you're respectful and don't act entitled, and this woman was not doing that by saying hey, my foods wrong, can I get the food I ordered? The term karen makes me cringe because people use it improperly CONSTANTLY, and this thread just proves it lmfao

  8. How tf does someone know how to post an AMA without any prior knowledge of the term “Karen”? Or am I getting whooshed over here?

  9. I don't think you are a Karen unless you were rude/condascending/demanding something you aren't entitled to and kicking up a temper tantrum.

  10. So if you go to best buy and bought a $20 cable, and you go back says " you guys have my product wrong, I bought a $1000 TV. " when asked for a receipt, you say " I don't have it "...

  11. Karens are bitches who will think they’re right even when their behaviour is illegal. A trait of a karen is that they will always try to validate their argument by saying “I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER” And then some dumb kid (average toddler, we could use them to replace bananas.) decided that karen trait = generic karen but karen trait ≠ karen

  12. My mom was the queen of karens. Growing up I absolutely despised going out to eat with her cause there never, ever, once, was a single time that she didnt complain about her order. So bc of that, i never return food nmw. I just take the L and move on its not a big deal.

  13. About the receipt thing, here in Australia, if a person is called for their order, they tend to leave the receipt in the counter and grab their food and the receipt gets thrown by the staff so that a customer cannot claim their food twice!

  14. I wouldn’t say you’re a Karen here. It becomes a Karen moment if you complain about something incredibly minor or start being racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, any kind of extreme hatred.

  15. AMA turns into a spectacle of moral posturing, almost instantly. Got a funny feeling thats what OP intended…

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