1. The guy who first measured the height of Everest found its summit to be precisely 29,000 feet above sea level. He assumed if people saw that number that they would think it was rounded, so he made it 29,002 instead, even though he knew it was wrong.

  2. Let’s not forget that the vic teams also get the benefit of playing against other vic teams so more opposition supporters

  3. Just to actually answer the question - no, it also happened in 2010, 2014 and 2015 (average home crowd size). See:

  4. I’ve been saying this all year and nobody listens! 😂 Record high membership numbers and solid home game attendance in the context of the other clubs. We’re doing fine.

  5. Wasn't someone concern trolling about a crowd the other week and it was pointed out that was a record attendance between those two teams? Might have been the brisbane game

  6. Wonder what the WA teams would average with MCG ticket prices? I know I would have gone to a game or two. Optus is too expensive for me.

  7. Eagles game against Essendon recently they wanted $68, dockers game on Sunday they want $35 for the same seat/area. Might explain why they only got 35,000 at that game when normally it would almost sell out .....or could just be both teams are performing woefully at the moment!

  8. We have had Marvel sell out several times this year, so ours would be higher. Then again, we play better at Marvel, so that's the trade off.

  9. Swans looking elite in this category (I assume there are several dozen clubs below with lower numbers who had to be cropped out here)

  10. My family are all Essendon members and when I asked why they still go to every game they said "we don't want to miss witnessing the off chance that we actually do well (win) because it doesn't seem to happen much these days"

  11. Both Freo and Eagles were only at half capacity for the first few rounds of the season. Eagles also had a game where the trains had issues so half the fans couldn’t get to the ground.

  12. Considering Eagles normally always play Sunday Arvo/Night, 34k on Average given the season they’ve had is good showing.

  13. Problem with west coast is that it at its capacity for ticketed members and actually has a huge waiting list of people wanting to be members. Due to this people who are members don't give up their membership if they aren't planning on going for awhile if say the team is doing crap, they just keep it and don't bother turning up for the games so there's empty seats which are actually allocated and paid for

  14. Only just, that's not bad considering we pretty much know we're heading to the game to see them get slaughtered.

  15. The audacity of a Saints fan saying this is hilarious. We average more fans in last spot than you would in first mate.

  16. You're probably not wrong. I guess we're just used to success unfortunately. If only we had the longest gap between premierships of any current AFL team, then maybe we'd be more grateful...

  17. Considering Richmond has mostly prime time games while Collingwood has been shunned to Sunday’s or Saturday arvos I’m surprised how close it is between Richmond and Collingwood

  18. Its obvious we have less fans that West Coast but not having a huge spike in Membership shows that the vast majority of us are already there. Also stating the obvious that country fans dont attend Sunday games.

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