1. From the one's I raced in, most just use the ACC stock system of enough small violations (I think it's 4) lead to a drive through, and a large cuts gives you a 30s stop and go immediately.

  2. Yeah I'm mostly interested in situations of close racing where track limits are exceeded during a pass. Not cutting a chicane or anything egregious, but 4 wheels off the track while passing on the inside ( while having a right to the inside line and nothing like dive bombing)

  3. We let the game handle track limits and if there is an illegal pass there is usually contact and the software will pick it up if we're live stewarding.

  4. I have seen the stewards give a warning to the car being overtaken for forcing the passing car off track to avoid collision. It all depends on situation and if they gain time or not really need to see when and how the pass was made was it from frustration were they forced wide did they do it to save time. To many variables to impose sanctions without seeing it live and if it's a major track cut yes nail them if not leave it for the system to work out

  5. In game only for the most part. If someone complains and it's a really bad one, we'll review it but I can't think of an instance where it's resulted in a penalty, except when it's egregious like cutting a chicane.

  6. Most, if not all, leagues let the game handle the track cuts. If you get a DT while battling is your fault. How so? You get 3 warnings before you get the actual penalty, yeah it’s sucks but you get 3 chances.

  7. That's what my previous league experience has been as well. It seems like the best way but was curious to see what others did

  8. My community allows the game to handle track cut violations. There's no way a stewarding team can watch all the cars all the time to make sure nobody is leaving the track. However, we do penalize people if they gain a position while technically off-track. this doesn't really happen that often though.

  9. Yeah our league had our first case of it after several seasons and trying to get ideas for the best ways to handle it. Thanks

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