1. Where’s my guy Burt Gummer?! “Broke into the wrong goddam rec room didn’t you, you bastard!” The hero that middle of nowhere town needed and deserved.

  2. As we inch closer to 90's nostalgia being the in-thing for the culture, I just really hope they leave this gem alone and not do a CGI remake. It was a beautiful love letter to the 80's creature features.

  3. I remember watching this quite often during those weird "space chimp" movie nights on TV. Anyone remember those? La Bamba was also a popular one on those segments 😂

  4. Loved this film. I remember seeing it when it came out and nobody really saw it but after a few years it became a huge cult favorite

  5. I watched it the day he passed. This movie had no right to be as good as it was. Great foreshadowing, hilarious banter between every character, disgusting creature effects. If anyone hasn’t seen this, put it on the queue.

  6. Fred Ward died? What? Where was I when that hit the news? That is sad, I heard he was nothing but nice to fans and anyone that ran into him.

  7. AND LEGS THAT GO “ALL THE WAY UP”!! (This always seemed like a weird line. Like are there legs that go all the way up?)

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