1. Sharkleberry!!!!!!!!!!!! This picture unlocked a ancient memory. I was four in 94 and I remember this in our first apt. I was a addict for this flavor. I need it again bad no joke.

  2. I vaguely remember a flavor called something like “Oh Yeah! Orange Pineapple” and it was AMAZING. Would love to find it again.

  3. I never really drank koolaid as a kid but the design team was still able to make me thirsty for what was inside these packs. Every element (fonts, colors, artwork, layout, etc) is perfectly done IMO.

  4. Mix any of these with a 1 liter bottle of 7-up or Sprite, and you got a middle schoolers guess-who-watched-every-Goosebumps-episodes to get the party going.

  5. I was happy to hear when they started a new run of the old school flavors you have pictured here however long ago that was. But I was confused as to why they redesigned the packages, in most cases the redesigns were decidedly less "fun". Like come on, when I think of Sharkleberry Fin, I want the pink shark!

  6. Somebody needs to post the catalog of free stuff you could get with the UPC labels. I always had huge aspirations to get the Kool Aid Yacht or whatever grandiose prize that was 2 billion labels, but I never actually sent any in.

  7. Now I need to go get some Kool-Aid! Now that I think about it I haven't had any in YEARS and I wanna go back a few years.

  8. I have so many packets up high in my cabinet that i never make. I used to be addicted to the stuff.. or more like addicted to the memory of the stuff. Being born jn 82, growing up in the lare 80s and thru the 90s..nthe commercials live on repeat in my head. When i decided to cut out sugar I tried to find a substo mix with the fruity goodness but never could get the combo right so now i have probably over 100 packs tucked away including packs from other contries that i paid extra for because me and my kids wanted to try.

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