1. As a former Mormon, this hit close to home. Being told you’re no longer WORTHY when you leave the church can really fuck with you. Especially as a young woman. Cheers to determining your own worth, without an old white dude telling you what you have to do to earn it. Good job, Kalani!

  2. That was beautifully written tbh. Kalani has made mistakes but she’s clearly learning from them and moving on. I’m loving her growth 👏

  3. Nailed it, and good for her! There are too many girls and women equate their self worth to their size and their body and what they do with their body.

  4. The thing that people need to realize is that a lot of women wear lingerie because it makes them feel sexy or they cut their hair/wear makeup because it makes them feel beautiful. Not everything a woman does to her body is to please a man.

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Rock on sister!!!! So glad you are not dialed into the church’s definition of worth. To even entertain the thought that we are here to be play things for men is disgusting 🤮.

  6. Wow did she ever nail it!!! As a child of the church… and it’s many screwed up lessons of worth for us girls… all I can say is that she is wise beyond her years.

  7. Some do and some don’t. Islam mostly treats women like second class citizens. That’s not right. Some more modern sects of Catholicism have made great strides and treat women OK. There still are some decisive issues. So that is why you take it or leave it.

  8. She's so right! We are taught that our body isn't really ours. Even masturbation is hush hush. If you're raped you're unworthy and a dirty girl. God on her for possessing that strength. She should teach a course because I need it.

  9. Fuck yes Kalani💜 I'm excited for her to take back her power. She was raised mormon, right? That really fucks with your head a ton

  10. Or she can just enjoy being single. So many people would benefit from just being single and getting to know themselves and what they really want in life.

  11. This is awesome. I'm so sorry she had to write this (due to the crap she was getting from others), but glad she spoke out (or wrote out, rather) b/c so many of us need to hear it. Brava Kalani!

  12. I'm pretty sure the first time she got pregnant she did not believe she had a lot of worth. Meaning, she probably didn't feel too great about herself, was excited to have a guy act interested in her and didn't think to take any precautions to prevent getting pregnant. If she had self-confidence and high self-esteem I'd hope she wouldn't have decided to reproduce with Asuelu.

  13. what worth? she has no Job, got 2 kids by a braindead, lives in her parents House with her husband and kids and much more. She has no worth for Society thats for sure

  14. Are you dumb or are you just pretending to be? She literally said in this post that the lingerie deal is a brand partnership..meaning she’s probably making thousands of dollars per post to promote the brand.

  15. You go Kalani! Fuck those so called religious raddic’s. Most of them are hypocrites at the very least.

  16. I just read that and think to myself..a little too late you...should have known your "worth" before you barebacked the help at the hotel and created life with an island dude who you knew for a week.

  17. If that's your photo, I think many wouldn't want to see you in lingerie either, Dapper Chemist. I don't usually talk shit about people's appearance but you said "ewww" about her in lingerie - what are you, 5?

  18. Personality wise I like Kalani the most out of anyone on 90 day but I really don’t understand how anyone can like aseulu he reminds me of Hei Hei from Moana just a vacant state with no thought all the time

  19. She has horrible posture but I'll be honest, she looks good. Probably just as awful as most other people on the show, but she got nice boobies.

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