1. For me as well, I sent them a video of it. I am not seeing it crash per se, just it closes on it's own. I did notice that neither program seems to show anything in the systems logs when they crash. Nor do they show up in Task Manager App History tab while they are running.

  2. I also did not notice any unusual system spikes or oddities when the program closed (what I'm calling crash). Thanks for your feedback and sending them a video. I appreciate the community coming together to try to get some attention to this!

  3. Same issue. I even tried re-installing the app, and it didn't help. Glad to know at least that it's not just me, so the issue must be on their end. Hopefully, a fix comes soon.

  4. Same here (using version It crashes even with a link that worked successfully just yesterday. I've only been trying YouTube vids. This is the link that worked yesterday and crashes today (Addams Family Trailer):

  5. It was working fine today until I just installed the latest update and now I regret it as it crashes instantly when parsing an url. I am running Windows 10 as most people here seem to be doing.

  6. One of mine started post update and the other was doing it pre-update. I think it is a larger issue than just the update. :( I hope that they get us fixed soon.

  7. Same thing here. I'm running the software on a MacOS 12.5.1 and the latest version of Windows 11, and both 4k YouTube to MP3 and 4k Video Downloader crash while trying to parse the URL. :(

  8. Yeah that sucks since you just bought it. I'm sure that they'll get it figured out. It is awesome when it works... but when it fails (from to time) it feels hopeless. Hang in there... it's worth it.

  9. Yep on MacOS. Thanking the stars its not just me. Hopefully we get a fix soon I rely on this app almost daily.

  10. Yes same problem. I click to paste the URL and it crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled still registered everything's good but it doesn't work.

  11. On M1 iMac, crashes after attempting to paste link. And, as always silence from the company responsible. Head in the sand, nothing to see here mentality.

  12. Yep, experiencing this too. A youtube channel I follow has been losing uploads (maybe TOS) and I wanna preserve them while I still can

  13. still works for me with vimeo and dailymotion, but yeah youtube is the culprit somehow, instacrash when i paste a link

  14. Same thing as all the others.. Crashing parsing any YT video.. I would really rather NOT uninstall a paid product and reinstall an older version to solve this.. I hope they put an update out ASAP.... WINX YT downloader still works fine (a program I had to add because 4K FREQUENTLY has issues... sad).. Thankfully this will do as a work around for now.

  15. I'm having the same issue. I was able to see in task manager that the 4k app power was spiking very high right as it was crashing. I was also able to get it to stop crashing by removing my login info for youtube from the preferences. Now I get a YouTube Captcha error detected. I tried logging back in with my youtube credentials and it crashes again. Remove my youtube credentials and it stops crashing but getting YouTube Captcha detected error again.

  16. I have uninstalled the latest version and installed one version back and all is working as it should, downloads completing as they should. Looks like that is a good temp workaround.

  17. Until the issue’s been fixed, you can install an older version by going to the download page, right clicking the download button for your OS, copying the link address and pasting into a notepad and replace the version number “4.21.1” with “4.20.4”. That version works, at least for me (Windows 10).

  18. I haven't been able to download any videos for a couple of days 😐 The app automatically closes every time I try to download a video.

  19. The application has become more and more unstable with each release. But take care to not criticize their developers, they can't handle it.

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