1. That ship has sailed. The trade deadline has passed, Jimmy Garoppolo is a free agent after this season, and the 49ers waived their ability to use the franchise tag on him.

  2. Eagles: Despite their recent stumbles, they're 8-1 which is hard to do in the NFL. They are also realistically too far ahead of the 49ers to catch them, so the 49ers would have to play them in Philly in January which could be unpleasant.

  3. Remember when people said Jason Pierre Paul’s career was over with because he blew his finger off with a firecracker? He intercepted a ball today. Guess having all of your figures isn’t that critical for a linebacker.

  4. Why can’t we run a stupid cross or under route with George more often? Kelce takes those to the house all the time. Kelce made some good contested catches but he’s also wide open a lot. We have to be able to get Kittle open more often.

  5. IIRC, Andy Reid let’s Kelce do what he wants and is practically playing school yard ball and running whatever he wants. He just has such a connection with Mahomes and even Alex before him that they know what route he decided to run based on what the defense is doing.

  6. Patrick Mahomes is going to fing shatter most of Bradys records. This is the greatest qb of alltime were watching.

  7. Mahomes bailed out again. Shouldve been offensive pi on that drive. As good as he is he also gets every single call.

  8. Same man, was pulling for the Chargers. Hurts extra bad because I’m facing Mahomes in fantasy this week 😵‍💫

  9. Not only that but we need the Broncos to win more! Seahawks currently hold the 5th overall pick! 😭😭😭😭

  10. And this subreddit wanted Kirk fucking Cousins over Jimmy G. Ya'll are delusional if you actually think we "would've won a Superbowl" by now if we had Kirk Cousins.

  11. No matter what you think of the Vikings (I trust Vegas on this, they have been very lucky this season), this Dallas performance is one of the most impressive of the year.

  12. Looking over the Rams schedule for the rest of the year and depending on what feel like some coin-flip games against Denver and Vegas it seems like not entirely insane that they could lose out the rest of the year.

  13. I think they're better than they've been in recent history though. Adding one of the best offensive weapons in football will do that.

  14. Boy did we dodge a bullet with Zach Wilson. We have no clue if Trey is gonna be good or not, but we know for a fact that Wilson is terrible. Like worst QB in the league terrible.

  15. To catch the Vikings we probably need to finish 12-5 at worst and look at tiebreakers. So I'd prefer Cowboys losing.

  16. Bears losing to the falcons is bad for us. While both beat us, Atlanta has a closer chance at sniping a wild card and bumping us with a tie breaker.

  17. Falcons @ Commanders next week so either they'll be at 7 Ls or Commanders at 6 Ls. We just need to be 11-6, but 10-7 with the right tiebreakers should be enough.

  18. Honestly it was miraculous enough Falcons lost to the Panthers. I think they’re inconsistent enough to lose a bunch of games, and we should not be in a position to worry about them. If we do, it means we underperformed and that means we’re not a contender anyway.

  19. Giants losing is good for 49ers, with the emergence of the Commanders, they’re going to face each other twice. Also if the Cowboys slip up, there’s an opportunity to catch up with the NFC East teams.

  20. Agreed. Fields is for sure one of the worst pocket passers in the league. The only reason he can make splash plays is because he can extend plays so the defense gets tired and his WRs are wide as fuck open.

  21. I knew he was going to be good even through all the struggles he had at first. You can see his potential and to me he shoulda been the pick. Trey is just too raw and will take 3-5 seasons to get in NFL shape. That’s just not a good timeline for a team with this much firepower. Justin fields would be 1-3 years given his experience in big time games in a top division in the NCAA. Beating up on what is basically a JC conference like Trey played in isn’t even comparable.

  22. I want to see the chiefs lose this week, that would give us a chance, and I bet the team made the flight safe and are practicing already for the game. Although that club shooting is worrying me, hope everyone is safe, unlucky timing.

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