1. It shows the confidence they have. They made their big move for Lance. Just a few holes to fill but i feel like we are better then last year by a decent margin if Deebo stays

  2. And I thought they killed it for not having a 1st rounder and really no close picks together besides the 2 in the 6th.

  3. I'll never understand us completely negleting to pick a center. Even if Mack is back, there were several talented centers we could have developed in this class and we just decided it wasn't a position if need.

  4. Castro-fields was mocked in the first round multiple times in the beginning of the year, surprised he lasted this long. But this is a high upside corner

  5. He had a 6.13 prospect grade at the combine, which is higher than many prospects taken before him. Disruptive guy when he’s on the field. Samoan

  6. I’m a simple man, I just want one of: West, Bell, McKinley, Diesch, Weatherford, Castro-Fields, O’Neal

  7. Since they're discussing Jimmy on NFL Network. I will be extremely disappointed in the FO if Jimmy is still on this team come training camp. It's not fair to Trey its his time.

  8. If he’s there at the end of the round, why not take a flyer on Domann? Offers strong safety and OLB depth and puts in effort on special teams

  9. Justyn Ross medicals must be awful. I know it was a concern but didn't expect this drop. He was so good before his injury.

  10. I feel like a jerk. After doing research on Jackson I love this pick now. Not skeptical anymore. Take back my negative comments.

  11. Grant Cohn is not happy and saying the 49ers have fucked up besides the Drake pick so that's why I think the 49ers have done a solid job

  12. The four best NFC teams entering this draft were the Rams, us, Bucs, and Packers (not necessarily in that order).

  13. I’d personally love to see Michael Maietti as a developmental center. He’s not even listed among nfl.com’s draft prospects, which I don’t get. He’s slightly undersized but was an All-American in a zone blocking scheme last year. Might be a good target as a UDFA.

  14. I’m a huge proponent for BNA (best name available) in the later rounds, so I’ll be disappointed if we don’t draft Smoke Monday or Fryfogle (who 100% sounds like a Pokémon)

  15. It seems like the niners are having a solid draft despite not having any top picks, but i just do not understand the running back pick. I will be really interested to hear if shanahana or lynch give a real reason as to why they used a valuable 3rd rounder on one. Or if they just say the generic response. Like “we really like what he brings to the team and we think he can help us win”

  16. Seems like they were just super high on dude and thought they'd get value at OL and DB later(and they very much did). I love the idea of putting a bunch of bruisers out there at RB, WR, and TE and just wear down defenses but I certainly thought the pick was weird.

  17. Less trades from us, but also in general for everyone in this round it seems. Especially player trades, I think the only one was rams getting Troy Hill?

  18. I heard that basically all he can do is punt crazy deep, so things like pinning, accuracy, keeping it away from their returning, force fair catch…owner have those abilities.

  19. I’m assuming that because we haven’t picked a C, that Mack is staying or we’re going to address it by a later signing in the offseason?

  20. I havnt seen our war room once yet. Im guessing they keep going to commercial on our pick because we said fuck off lol

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