1. I thought this might be the case, but everything I saw online about elephants foot was either the bed is too hot or the nozzle is too close to the bed, but I dont think either of these is the case. Isnt 2mm a little big to be elephants foot anyways?

  2. I'm thinking it might have something to do with my lead screw. I had some prints with z-binding earlier and it seemed to "fix itself" but likely it didn't really. I also often hear a weird grinding noise when the z axis is moving near the bed.

  3. en ender 3 (pro) you gotta watch out for a few things. the Z leadscrew (treaded screw of the Z) may be at an angle due to the stepper mount. this could cause binding.

  4. My initial layer is taller than the rest of my layers. Should I try setting it to be the same height as everything else?

  5. I just checked the fan settings. It says the inital fan speed is 0% but it gets up to regular fan speed (80%) at a height of 0.64 mm, but the bulge goes all the way up to 2 mm

  6. I had similar issues with a large bulge at the bottom and it turned out to be lead-screw related at low Z values. I followed the same rabbit trails re: elephants foot.

  7. My cube also printed around 19.7 high. I will fiddle with my lead screw in the next few days, i think it may have some issues. Hopefully that resolves the problem. I dont think i have z-hop enabled. But yes, it is very frustrating because either you waste material and bottom surface quality using a raft, or prints are dimensionally inaccurate. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. i would agree it could be elephants foot but it looks too sharp imo . elephants foot would reduce gradually. it could be settings , or it could be something in the printer itself. but i don't think its the traditional foot. looks more like a sudden glitch than an "effect".

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