1. The difference is tht one saves your life and the other is you procrastinating on commiting suicide.

  2. Got back from vacation with my parents a few weeks ago. While on the trip, I was so functional and “happy”. I was glad that after a 2 month-long depressive episode, I finally felt better. Then we got back home and I realized that I wasn’t actually happy and I wasn’t getting better, we were just doing so much while we were there that I rarely had time to do/think about anything else. It’s one of the saddest realizations I’ve had 🥲

  3. From a different perspective though, you were also in a completely different environment from home, which may be a strong hint that your life isn't set up to be emotionally sustainable, which IS a point of contemplation from which positive change can come

  4. Distracted by sadness is the method I use that results in various emotional and mental breakdowns! It's full proof! Especially if you break down in private!

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