1. She called Kaworu the f slur in an official game. However, the English version is a fan translation, I don’t know if the original says something similar. But the game was ,,girlfriend of steel 2nd’’

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there like an official Audio Drama where she just straight up called Shinji the F word with a hard T

  3. she would've at the beginning because someone in the hierarchy would've told her to be but would have made a 180° turn in 3.33 and 3.0+1.0

  4. The canon answer is that she's a petulant hormonal teenager that lashes out at anyone and everyone to feel better about herself because she has a deep inner pit to fill... which is a definite yes

  5. I don't think she would actually be transphobic (I mean, she's pro-femboy after all, how many people are pro-femboy but anti-trans?), but she would act viciously transphobic to any trans people she meets that have as much or less authority than her

  6. There are a lot of people who are pro femboy and transphobic. Lots of people are upset that Bridget from guilty gear is trans saying that they’re “destroying femboy culture with woke garbage”

  7. There isn't actually any direct connection between being femboy and being trans. A lot of femboys are cis men. A decent chunk of them are trans men who get real sick of this "egg-irl" attitude towards them.

  8. I haven't seen the show, I know she's an asshole but is there another reason why people say she would be, excluding for the lolz?

  9. Nah, there's no real reason. Pretty sure that manga panel is an edit. There's no reason to believe she would be transphobic in the anime anyways

  10. Idk what you guys are on about saying she'd do it but she'd 180 on it, or that she'd do it out of incompetence, she'd be completely unapologetic in it

  11. She would say "AGP" out loud at least three times a day and get her skeletal measurements tattooed on herself like Measurehead from Disco Elysium, but for her whole body

  12. It wouldn’t even hit her registry as a thing to hate until someone trans challenged her on anything and she would drops slurs immediately.

  13. I think she would see them as equal to her when they were "on her side", but the instantly one irritated her she'd bring out the slurs and hatred like the worst kind of hypocrite.

  14. I have no idea who this is so I’d say she’s probably one of those “centrists” who hates trans people and pretends to be pro-gay so that her dislike of trans people appears justified, but she doesn’t actually do anything pro-gay

  15. I have a hard time saying no and the pic and the context for it doesn't help either. But she's been surprisingly empathetic about other things so I think this would be another case of her coming off much harder than she actually is.

  16. Yes but she's my problematic face that would in their late 20s find out that she has been totally cringe if she ever had the luxury of living that long.

  17. She looks like she's either a terf or an unironic tirm, validating the trans girl's identity but saying that makes her weak and frail and in need of someone big and strong to take charge

  18. I feel like she'd be one of those people who's homophobic as fuck, but didn't get the memo on being transphobic too. Like she's way more homophobic to gay trans people, but straight trans people just get normally asshole mode.

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