1. Bruh a creme brulee has a hard caramelised sugar topping, not whatever the heck that is. Get it in a restaurant, prepackaged usually sucks

  2. Bad news: unless you're at a really nice restaurant, all creme brûlée is also prepackaged. They just torch the sugar right before serving.

  3. It’s not crème brûlée if it’s not made in the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral actually. If it’s not it’s called slightly overcooked eggwash

  4. I had some prepackaged creme brulees taste pretty nice. Especially when I used a blowtorch to get the crackling sugar skin. You just need to find one that isnt bad. Making it myself is ofcourse the best Ive found yet.

  5. Unlike you coastal elites, I get my creme brulee from the gas station, like a true American. love it or leave it, is what I say

  6. there are two types of people in these comments: those who don't try to write the accents on "crème brûlée", and those who try and fail

  7. Never buy that retail shit. You gotta make it for your self or get it in a restaurant. I love making creme brulees. It’s one of my favorite desserts to make in a hour or less

  8. Don’t believe these liars. Real crème brûlée also sucks. It doesn’t taste that good and it has the texture of snot

  9. okay i'm gonna say something that might get me killed: creme brulee would be better without the hardened shit at the top. it just tastes burnt

  10. If the top of your creme brulee tastes burned, you might want to tell your waiter or whatever that the guy fucked up with the blowtorch and get a new one.

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