1. I 100% believe that there are some health/diet foods that only taste good after you've basically forgotten how the real thing tastes. Unfortunately unhealthy food just tastes good

  2. I had a relative who has been vegan for a long time make something with vegan feta adding that this vegan feta was really good. It was fine as part of the meal, but tasted nothing like feta, so I just developed a theory that they may not really remember what feta tastes like. If someone who has been vegan for a long time says "oh, this is a really great vegan version of non-vegan food" I try not to expect something very similar to the non-vegan version, and can only be happily surprised when it kind of matches what I'm expecting based on the comparison.

  3. Similar to alcohol free wine. I drank a lot of it when pregnant and thought it was pretty good. Nine months later I tasted the real thing again and damn... the alco free stuff sucks

  4. I ate so much fake ice cream for a year or two that I forgot what the real thing tasted like. I then ate some sea salt and caramel ice cream from a local place in Portland, OR and holy shit... I forgot just how good the real stuff is. I haven't had the fake or real stuff since, haha, it ruined it all for me. Can't eat the fake stuff knowing how much worse it tastes, can't eat the real stuff knowing I would down a 1200 calorie pint in 30 minutes.

  5. This is my life as someone who's had Celiac for over half my life. Sometimes I'll get something at a restaurant - like a bun or a dinner roll - and I'll practically force my husband to taste it because "I can't tell, it's so good, are you sure this is gluten-free?" He'll take half a bite and hand it back to me, almost grimacing and say "yeah, definitely gluten-free." I just don't know what normal food tastes like anymore apparently.

  6. My mother and sister have been vegetarian for 5+ years, while my father and I eat meat. Once for my fathers birthday they cooked a big breakfast, with “fakon” (fake bacon). They tried a piece and yelled out to us how good it was and how close to bacon and we got excited. It was so disgusting, nothing like bacon.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree. I remember one time when I ate a basic, fast food cheeseburger (either Sonic or Wendy's) for the first time in almost a decade...it was a religious experience.

  8. I was a vegetarian for almost ten years and I used to eat a lot of meat substitutes (mycoprotein, soy protein). I thought they tasted great at the time. Now that I eat meat again, I really don't enjoy the taste of meat substitutes.

  9. Yeah, I feel like if something tastes half as good for a third of the calories, that's a real win and there's no need to make it into something that it's not.

  10. Although I do agree with you, a friend offered some perspective on alternative foods supposed to replace/taste like meat for vegetarians/vegans: he didn't like it at first, until he stopped comparing it to meat. It wasn't half as bad as he'd made it to be.

  11. I agree... but, I'm pretty sure the "only 40 calories a serving and so good!" posts have to be taken within the context of a weight loss subreddit. No one is posting that stuff on

  12. The "diet food" that actually is sooooo good is the diet food that isn't trying to imitate a high calorie food. Like a perfectly ripe peach or a well-seasoned stir fry can be sooooo good if you ask me. I just try to eat mostly stuff like that, and I always find plenty of enjoyment in eating.

  13. That’s because it’s not “diet food” it’s just… food. Real food. What we’re supposed to be eating as humans!

  14. It’s easy to lose those gems in the sea of “everything is awesome” posts though. Honesty is more productive than saccharine positivity.

  15. Yes! Also there are so many amazing vegetarian and vegan dishes - I’d rather just have one of them rather than a replacement-meat dish

  16. Meh, true, original fudgisicles are only 40 calories each. Those are my go to dessert. They're not spectacular, but my kids love them, too, and they were a staple of my childhood.

  17. Yes! People will eat a carrot and one egg and say on here that it'll keep them full for 6 hours and maybe they need these posts to convince themselves but it's so annoying.

  18. I feel like sometimes it can get into ED territory, as before I recovered, I’ve seen similar recipes on ED forums in the past

  19. I tell my family my sleep-well tea tastes bleh but works. I tell myself the same about brown rice and whole grain. It's much easier to accept the tradeoff than forcefeeding myself the coolaid

  20. I bought a big box of the Fiber One Brownies because so many people raved about them. They are...fine... but in no way do they replace a real brownie. For the same calories, I'd rather have a Tablespoon of real Chocolate chips and call it dessert.

  21. I can see that. See I LOVE the birthday cake fiber one brownies but what is the substitute for that? There's literally nothing on the market to satisfy us who don't like chocolate.

  22. I really like the peanut butter popcorn bars but I don't have anything else similar I eat to compare it to

  23. Fiber one brownies taste like sawdust to me. I eat real ice cream every night. That's why CICO is the best "diet" which is really just a way of life. If I had to exist on salad and Fiber one brownies, I would be miserable.

  24. I tried Halotop at this sub's suggestion. I was expecting something at least as delicious as ice cream, as many posters would have had me believe.

  25. The word "filling" has come to disgust me viscerally. It isn't my fault that I have the appetite of a 23-year-old offensive lineman in the body of a 5'2" fiftyish woman. None of this is "filling," and it's best if I just accept that I will be eating to become not-hungry because eating until full will mean weight gain.

  26. I mean the other side would also be ," I tried various drinks /snacks that are either calorie free or low calorie. Before I fell in love with a specific one"

  27. I gave up on eating fake anything, and haven't eaten/drank anything with artificial sweeteners in at least 18 months. I've sustained a 60-lb weight loss during that time by eating the real thing, just smaller quantities worked into my calorie budget (or sometimes not). I don't care how much people proclaim how delicious it is, the fake stuff does not satisfy any craving, and eventually leads to overeating. I may go through phases where I eat a couple of high-quality chocolates or a half cup of real ice cream every night after dinner until I'm sick of it, and then not eat any sweets for weeks afterwards.

  28. I find it much easier to enjoy healthier ingredients when they're not meant to replace something indulgent. Like tofu wasn't invented to be fake meat. Apple sauce is a lot tastier when it's not baked into cake.

  29. and the people that claim after like 2 months of dieting, "junk food doesn't even taste good to me anymore! i tried a cheeseburger and thought it was disgusting!" like... i dunno, maybe their taste buds are different than mine but that always seems like a total false flex. even if i eat less of it now, taco bell or whatever is never going to NOT still be delicious to me, haha.

  30. This is a real phenomenon for me with soda - I used to drink a ton of soda as a little kid, stopped in my late teens, and now if i have a sip it genuinely tastes unpleasant to me.

  31. To be honest, after losing weight and eating 1200 cals a day, my body hates me if I eat anything junk food oriented/greasy now. I easily get bloated and I’ll break out much more easily. It’s almost like my body made the adjustment and never wants to go back

  32. For me it's true for some foods but not others. Boxed macaroni and cheese tastes unbearably salty to me now, but I had some Zaxby's french fries the other day and for a moment there I thought they just might be the best thing I've ever tasted in my life, so it really varies and not necessarily in a way that is consistent or makes sense.

  33. I find that is true for certain things though, mostly highly processed fast food. I used to be so obsessed with Big Macs, had one recently and I was like disgusted with it I couldn’t even finish it. It just tasted so fake and processed, not at all like I remembered.

  34. Mh, I have had that when I quit sugar. Sweet things still taste good, but savoury things with sugar added taste off (bread, ketchup) and American style sweet things are so sweet and greasy it overpowers everything else in an unpleasant way.

  35. Idk I fucks with an air fried corn tortilla made into chipa with salsa but I cannot get on board with them being better than a fresh basket of warm tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant.....

  36. It’s generally referred to as a “dieters tongue” When you don’t eat the standard version of something for a long time you just adapt to the lower calorie version and it genuinely becomes amazing to you.

  37. I totally agree with this. I like those 70cal brownies but nothing actually compares to the real deal. I need to get back on track with counting cals, but something I love are cauliflower copies. Cauliflower oven roasted buffalo "wings", cauliflower tater tots. Not as good as the real thing but honestly? Pretty damn good. I'll eat those any day without the guilt.

  38. I think that people just have different tastes. To them it could taste good. But I also think that people aren't comparing their low-calorie version to the best version of the food. Like I read those post usually as, "this is a tasty meal I put together" rather than "this is so decadent and delicious." If you would have had a pasta frozen meal and instead you have a homemade chickpea pasta and low cal sauce meal, that is pretty on par with each other. If you would have had a Little Debbie brownie and instead you have a Fiber One brownie, it's not such a huge change in quality to me. I really don't think people should have to put down the food they're eating to temper other people's expectations. Let people think their food tastes good, lol.

  39. yes! One of my internal "tests" for whether I'm hungry or just bored is to ask myself if a plate of raw cucumber slices would taste good.

  40. I can’t get behind shirataki noodles they honestly gross me out so much. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or the smell but I’ve tried numerous recipes and they always turn out nasty. I’d rather save my cals and splurge on a larger meal with actual pasta or even substitute it with veggies etc

  41. What pisses me off is a picture of a lavish, huge, iced brownie full of chocolate chips with the caption: 40 cal brownies!!! ( Oh but you actually cut an 8x8 pan's worth into 48 pieces and the icing and chocolate chips are "optional" and not included in the calories) Just quit lying, some people might not know better and believe you.

  42. Healthy desserts are not worth eating but I can see the argument for healthier stuff. My mom's biggest complaint is that everything in the US is too sweet. When she bakes she'll use only half or 2/3 of the sugar stated in the recipe. It honestly tastes better to her and I don't really notice the difference 🤷‍♀️

  43. Have to agree with your mom on that. I'm not from the US, and whenever I try a lot of dessert recipes, I find it too cloyingly sweet. I get how addicting it is when you get used to it, so I try not to use the full amount of sugar. I'd hate to find the less sweet rice cakes I eat to be "not delicious"

  44. A cookbook author I like (Annabel Crabb) says "you can halve the sugar in any recipe to no I'll effect. Except mine; I've already done it." I started doing this and it's been true.

  45. There are a lot of healthy foods that are about the most amazingly delicious things you can imagine (fresh peaches, roasted broccoli with just a few parmesan shavings on top, fresh spring mix with a little salt and olive oil), it’s just that none of them try to imitate other foods. They are their own things.

  46. As much as I like chicken and broccoli with rice or a potato, none of that is “good” food. It’s sub-par. Of course you can spice or jazz up a dish, but you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that chicken and broccoli with rice or potatoes will ever be anything more than above average at best. I’m talking about chicken breast, btw. Just regular cutting style foods.

  47. Hard agree. I only made the “zoodles are just like real pasta” mistake once. No they aren’t. They are zucchini. They will never be pasta.

  48. Someone once told me that dragon fruit tasted just like Ice cream! I tried it and although tasty, it was a straight lie to tasting anything like ice cream

  49. I’m with you on that. “Sooooo filling” as well. You ate four strawberries and a cheese stick, Karen, how full can you be?

  50. I agree, some people really do like the healthier version more. Also I feel like most understand that it's a weight loss sub and obviously it's not the real thing. I think OP should just sub to the jerk subs, it helps to laugh at ourselves sometimes

  51. Yeah, this is how I feel too. Anecdotally, I was never allowed to eat the "real thing" growing up, so I never developed a taste for it. The "diet version" is often my preferred version since it's the one I'm used to.

  52. I get it but the healthy food has taken over my brain. I actually prefer PB2 and Halo Top to the real thing, and I think Splenda just tastes nice in my tea. I also eat plain turkey and tuna like I'm a feral cat. Sometimes we start to prefer what we get used to.

  53. I genuinely prefer turkey pepperoni over the “real” stuff. Tastes the same to me and doesn’t make my food all greasy.

  54. Hahahaha I am very guilty of making “banana omlettes” and enjoying them. I wouldn’t say it gave a pancake feel to it at all but I did like them with some added oats, loaded with cinnamon and drizzled with peanut butter. Did I also try to sell it to others? Yes. Did they believe me and try it? No. Haha

  55. Maybe I'm weird, but I think many of the subs taste better. I don't like the taste of heavy oil or butter, and now regular brownies taste greasy to me. I also don't like feeling weighed down by heavy meals, so I like lightened versions.

  56. Sometimes it's fake but I think sometimes it must be real. I'm a weirdo who genuinely prefers instant mashed potatoes to homemade, and margarine to butter, so surely there's a person out there who genuinely prefers those zero calorie fudge things.

  57. I think vegetables prepared almost any way other than steamed, or lightly roasted with extremely little butter/oil or seasoning, are disgusting. And I've always thought that. But people cover their broccoli in cheese for a reason so I guess they like it like that, and I'm happy for them that they have that choice.

  58. I totally get this with diet foods with the exception of diet soda. I can't stand the cloying, mouth-coating feeling regular soda. Then again I have been drinking diet soda for years, and I also would never try to tell a regular soda drinker that diet soda tasted just as good because it just wouldn't. Takes a lot of time to acclimate to the different taste.

  59. I browsed this thread waiting for someone else to say this but nobody did (unless I missed it) so I will...

  60. I don't substitute a lot of foods with low-calorie versions, but I feel like one of the most important steps in reducing daily calories is to find a way to get your tastes to change. I'm one of the least picky eaters I know though, so I don't know how that works for other people.

  61. Made, exactly-to-recipe, taco "meat" out of tofu last night. I followed it to-the-T. Came out looking nothing like the photo, and was tasteless and mushy. Was like putting plain pasta in our tacos. Or the world's blandest scrambled egg whites. And the post was like, "These blackened tofu tacos will change your life!!😩"

  62. The tofu has too much water still in it. Or you used the wrong kind of tofu. It shouldn't have been mushy.

  63. ugh i've yet to try a low cal ice cream i like. (note, have not had nick's yet since i don't see it in the grocers near me). until i find something that is comparable, i prefer just going with the good stuff in moderation.

  64. Sometimes it is soooo good because your taste buds can change or when you are calorie counting you may slow down chew more and try to savor the food.

  65. I actually love halo top. Carmel macchiato is so good. I tried a bite of my sons gourmet real ice cream and was just grossed out by the oily fatty taste.

  66. I genuinely believe that healthy eating can be fucking DELICIOUS. I feel so much better eating clean whole foods than like a huge processed calorie bomb. And "calorie conscious food" done right (like a huge delicious salad with tons of toppings, or sheet pan salmon n creamy mashed potatoes, or a lighter soup with garlic bread, etc) shouldn't feel any different.

  67. Okay but Halo Top chocolate ice cream tastes identical to a Wendy's Frosty and I've been addicted to Frosties since I was a kid. So I'll take it.

  68. Yeah but I'm like 90% certain that halo top I've cream is the exception to ops post. Because my God is their birthday cake ice-cream Ah-May-Zeeng. Or op hasn't had halo top. I legit prefer it to some name brands lol

  69. "Good" is subjective. What makes real ice cream good? The sugar? If it was 99% sugar it would be disgusting to almost anyone. It's proven the more weight you lose and the less garbage you eat, the better healthy food tastes. These days when I eat a real Laffy taffy stick I can't even finish it because my mouth isn't used to that much sugar like it used to be. The reason most regular people love McDonald's and gourmet chefs don't is because McDonald's prioritizes getting your brain and body addicted to salt sugar and fat rather than making quality delicious food.

  70. Gonna say that my favourite chef I've ever worked for, he was head chef in various country clubs and high end hotels in the area for decades, an incredible saucier (soup/sauce chef), and his favourite dinner is a fast food burger. Not even just a "oh, I worked too late and now nothing's open but the drive-thru". He just really loved McDonalds and In-n-Out. He fully admits it's because the balance of fat/salt/sugar is balanced so neatly to American palates.

  71. Gourmet chefs drown their food in salt, oil, and fat to give flavor to their food. Let’s not act like something prepared by a gourmet chef is automatically healthy! There’s a reason that eating out is a treat!

  72. I eat healthy/low-calorie food 99% of the time to the point where my wife begs us to eat just a basic brownie.

  73. My mom used to obsess over this website called skinny taste. Just hearing the phrase releases some kind response that's some kond of combination anger/cringe. It just sounds so pretentious.

  74. Thank you so much for this post. I wish there was a separate subreddit where all that low-carb, light, sugar free, etc stuff was not allowed. So tired of seeing posts where the food looks so good and then I see the recipe is all diet food so I’m not going to eat it. Not judging the people who do, if you genuinely like that stuff then I’m happy for you but I personally hate it.

  75. This post is kinda misleading. If we are talking health wise, then anything will taste the same if you're are following a healthy diet of veggies, grains, dairy, fruits, etc. You really can't adjust the flavor unless you're using seasonings or sauces, or maybe it's organic whatever, not much difference.

  76. Okay but like Shirataki Noodles, with a peanut butter based sesame sauce, cucumbers and chicken breast, served cold, Is the best! It's a food that is now a staple in my kitchen - source been 350lbs for the last 14 years.

  77. There’s a raspberry coconut base ice cream in my country that’s keto/low cal and I prefer it. The only ice cream is grab over it is mint chocolate chip because it’s mint chocolate chip.

  78. I just don't like overly sweet things as much so I genuinely do think banana choco nice cream is better than full fat regular ice cream????

  79. Often they are “sooooo good!” After eating very plain food most of the time. I don’t think it’s trying to trick other people it’s just being excited when expectations are low.

  80. I was on low carb for 8 years before 1200. There's absolutely awesome replacement food. But a lot of people have horrible tastes and there is food that they try to pass off that is just not good.

  81. Yup, stick to real, whole foods and not diet substitutes. Those are good in their own right, nor as a weird processed or artificial replacement food.

  82. Depends. Bellbars vegan protein bars *actually * taste as good as snicker bars while being high protein, low glycemic index and plant based. 100 % serious. Try them. You will never need chocolate bars again.

  83. So true - just because dates and cocoa are brown like chocolate - your dessert still doesn't taste as good as chocolate.

  84. to be fair some diet foods are better than the original or you actually can't tell... it's just not as common as the posts on here would have you think.

  85. Agreed, expect for making your own frozen banana ice cream. That is just as good to me but I also love bananas! With cinnamon and a little chocolate? Yum!

  86. I remember the first time I experienced this. It was this recipe that claimed to taste like a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. It was super dry and nasty, and absolutely nothing like any cinnamon roll.

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