1. i would swap out wrath of sarugami for mist of yagata with munitions since you need to keep your hp and ammo at max

  2. The stock roller wheels for ezywheels or anything alike. Steel Headset to Tange or Joseph Kuosac sealed bearings headset. Stock handgrips to Ergon GA1 / GP1. Stock Marathon tires to Continental Conti Urban. stock saddle to anything that fit your bum well, in my case Brooks B17. Stock dynamo lights for Busch Muller IQ-X or SON Luxe II. Stock bell for 1€ bell because the stock bell makes shit sound that catch nobody's attention.

  3. 100% with you on ergon grips and the CCU, they do alleviate wrist or palm strain especially on low or mid rise handlebars. I was using ergon gp2 large for the longest time until I swapped my handlebar for a mini-p. On the CCU they're the right balance between grip, low rolling resistance, & handling.

  4. Stock folding pedals are great but they are clunky, heavy, and very often get dinged on with my leg when rolling in folded mode. The only other best alternative are QR pedals, however most of them are small and don't have very good power transfer, but they do get the pedal out of the way, albeit with a pedal holder needed to be installed somewhere on your frame. I'm using h&h qr pedals, with a 3d printed holder that fits on the inside of the main stem when folded.

  5. Excellent idea. It's a mini Brompton beer bar!

  6. I tried to add you but it won't allow me to send a friend request

  7. sorry about that, it should work now!

  8. Using a Joseph Kuosac aluminium knob hinge clamps. Imo the circular knob design makes a world of a difference in terms of usability. Never went back to the stock ones since

  9. Would be interesting to try a pure assassination build with impactful throws on a charm

  10. I use impactful throws on my charm just because it can help with crowd control to let me focus on oni

  11. Same, I use it on my Ronin with staggering breath

  12. Yooooo I never thought of a GOT tattoo wtf lol yeah definitely did something I’m inspired

  13. do it! i am planning on adding the rest of the classes on other parts of my leg too

  14. Bro that shit is so fire! Did u get it done in one session

  15. Thank you! No way this would be done in one session, I had to break it down to 4 sessions, 4 hours each

  16. I tend to over invest money & time on my hobbies, so I can talk at great lengths about filter coffee, cooking, rum, Brompton mods, and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

  17. I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta gum.

  18. Usually anything more than 3 colour combos would be confusing. You have a base of silver and black, pick either pink or red as your accent colour. I'd swap out your stem and fork for silver or black

  19. Pokémon Go. Uncles/aunties with 8 smartphones connected to battery packs need to figure out a better way of spending their retirement than paying niantic to stand around void decks, swiping screens to hunt for digital pets

  20. What about players who do absolutely NOTHING and stand in a corner that doesn't get alerted to enemies. I usually block them and join another game

  21. why not? in fact, i'd love to don the tengu mask or the dope-ass oni archer hat

  22. I'm so sick of seeing ppl say throw away sugaru's. Yes, SSB is the best legendary for the ultimate hunter build, but it's not the only way to play hunter. Sugaru's can be quite useful in picking off single targets. I wrote a post and my build

  23. Is this where I can order oni-giri lmao

  24. Holy shit how many hours did it take???

  25. I think the PS 2022 recap said 1,200++ hours lmao

  26. Oh,No wonder I've never seen it,,haven't played Hunter

  27. Awwww man one of the best cosmetics! Face reveal!

  28. Exploding baubles as bomb packs

  29. We should be able to shoot candy canes instead of arrows

  30. Actually candy canes as katanas are gonna be hilarious

  31. may i ask what platform are you playing on? the UI looks different

  32. how i'd approach a build is by thinking about the playstyle first. it does seem you're playing a support role, so this would be my recommendation:

  33. I am not sure if I consider hunter "support" rather than crowd control generally speaking...

  34. depends, i don't consider ronin "melee" by convention but there are so many unconventional builds like stone striker/masamune ronin builds so really depends on how you play

  35. Kuby being able to meticulously recite laws to Bogdan as Skyler is talking, without stuttering or making any mistake at all.

  36. although, he was being fed information by Skyler reading the laws via a phone call

  37. in my opinion, jumping (once) is still the best method to avoid a bear tug and throw, it opens the longest window to strike the bear. side-stepping needs two dodges, and the window is shorter (i think). perfect dodge allows you to strike the bear but weirdly also allows the bear to damage you.

  38. After the announcement at E3 2018, I knew i was going to play Ghost of Tsushima a lot when it gets released, so much so that I bought a PS4 *just* for this. What i didn't know what how much/long i was going to play Legends after it dropped.

  39. Has anyone actually confirmed that running a particular character increases drop rate for specific legendary? My hunter is rank 50, is not my favorite, and still no skipping stone…ugh.

  40. i'm not sure if rank affects your drop rate. yes, type of legendary that drops is tied to class. the drop rate increases exponentially with difficulty, with nightmare (raid has highest drop rate if i'm not mistaken) and platinum (with more mods). completion also does.

  41. this post kind of upset me. i looked down at smiling jin as heart and spit out my coffee over my keyboard... now i have to clean it.

  42. "Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot" - Grin Sakai

  43. ppl who whine about MMC should stop using the bow firing animation cancel too, stop the double standards

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