1. The FMCSA has regulations about having a proper rest period and I'm sure your company like you making on time deliveries.

  2. As an OTR driver "10" is more like 12-14 and you're damn sure I'm doing as I please during that time. If you can't resist staying up all night playing games maybe you're not ready to drive a truck at all, much less call yourself an adult.

  3. Would also need a hell of a lot of employees to handle that 1080 trucks in a day. Loading them, getting the stuff, and prepping it. And the more employees, the more they get in each others way causing slowdowns.

  4. Unless it was alternating weekends home so you did 10 days off 4 days on, or 8 days off 6 days on, OTR wouldn't be possible.

  5. Had that exact thing happen twice a few weeks ago, and I was in the right lane both times. Guy had no issue catching up and getting more than halfway passed, and suddenly slowed, sat there, and drifted into my lane.

  6. "I turn now, good luck everybody else"

  7. Sounds like you're deflecting. Accounts aren't banned because you're a republican. What did you actually do?

  8. I'm banned from creating posts hear despite never doing anything to violate the TOS. And the mods have ignored my attempts to find out why.

  9. 3 months ago was your last non-deleted attempt. You can make another I'll see what the automod throws as a removal reason if there is one. I'm telling you right now though that it's not because of the karma minimum to keep spam down.

  10. Just posted a picture of my shattered windshield from when I hit a hawk.

  11. Let's put that stupid shit away, dickhead. I'm a liberal too and I think the mods are stupid sometimes. Not everything has to be about politics.

  12. 100% agree, people who seem to only want a position of power just for the sake of having it have existed since before the internet came into existence. As have people who seem to think anybody that doesn't agree with them needs to be eliminated/removed.

  13. Careful with the complaining. Might end up banned from creating posts completely like I was despite never doing anything to violate the TOS. And they don't even have the maturity/decency to talk to people and resolve any issues before banning.

  14. Considering that I've been parked for the weekend due to coming down with the flu, looking at that picture makes my stomach hurt. :P

  15. I have a Whynter 85qt chest freezer that I got off Amazon. They have smaller models available if that's too large.

  16. No you don't, you have the car running.

  17. Some people are just stupid. I've had people ride my ass when there was an open passing lane even when I very noticeably slowed to under half the speed limit.

  18. I don't carry cash so no tipping.

  19. It was over 15 years of pirating stuff and I never deleted anything, just kept expanding the storage space.

  20. Your explanation is spot on. However, I cannot imagine, in the world of piracy and offline netflix viewing, why someone would pay so much money for the privilege of watching 40% ads, 60% entertainment

  21. I do for the convenience. Dish satellite TV with almost all the movie channels. Plus Netflix (mom's), Prime video since I have Amazon Prime, Hulu which comes with HBO Max for free, and Disney+ which came free with my cell service (Cricket).

  22. Whatever I feel like eating at the time. I've never been somebody to assign specific foods to specific times of the day.

  23. As I understand it, that no longer works as per FMCSA regulation. Transferring ownership resets the age to avoid that exact action.

  24. I actually had a tire blow out once and I didn't even notice until I parked.

  25. Not all flats are blowouts. A puncture can cause the air to leave and than it just disintegrates.

  26. Rarely go there, but typically around 60.

  27. Good loads are slim but still available. At least on JB Hunt.

  28. I don't use anything, but going digital for it would be a better option. Like using a laptop and making a template in Microsoft Office or any other spreadsheet program.

  29. If they have such poor memory that they forget their signal is still on after the 2-3 seconds it takes to change lanes, they certainly wont remember any type of hand signals that would tell them.

  30. The fiberglass is white under the black paint.

  31. Well that’s not typical, I’d like to make that clear right now.

  32. It's the front falling off that's not typical, not the back. :P

  33. Was anybody else expecting to see the hay bale roll over him afterwards?

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