1. In case you wonder why gun folks are so anti-registry, this is it.

  2. That is why I'm asking if it would even be possible. My thought was that maybe if it was loaded and then sealed inside the bullet, would that stop it from detonating inside the gun and delay it until impact.

  3. The force of firing would impart more force than impact, meaning that if it had enough force to det on impact it would receive roughly the same impact from being fired.

  4. Why 9mm so punchy? Is Nikkys shoulder made of wet cardboard? Asking because I miss my (mpx) friend

  5. Red flags laws aren’t bad if set up where they can’t be weaponized in 99.99 of cases. If you want to go by originalism then it means, can you get access to a gun legally? Yes? Then your good. It doesn’t prohibit any regulations to get that gun as long as you can legally get one.

  6. There is no due process with red flag laws, and in the interim of deliberating whether the accused is actually violent leaves them disarmed by someone else' doing and therefore vulnerable, which as a minority that is fighting legislature all across the nation, scares the shit out of me.

  7. How do you ensure that the judge/councilor do not hold racist/trans/homophobic/anti-gun views? How do you ensure that their own biases do not affect someone else's rights?

  8. I really hope they do more weapons Like the USP, different mod kits that change how the gun feels and operates.

  9. What we know about race and policing in the US

  10. Civilians have more rights than service members and for a good reason. Not one citizen is required to take an oath to serve the govt. or commanding officer.

  11. What texture you think comes with it?


  13. I've always hated this particular argument. It doesn't take into account the reduction and eventual near elimination of criminal acts using a specific instrument inside a closed system. If it truly becomes a closed system or as close to one as possible then there are no more handguns coming into the system. If a criminal act is committed using a handgun that handgun will be removed from the system thereby reducing the number of available handguns for criminal acts. Eventually all illegal handguns would be removed from the system. Sure improvised guns could be made but that's a different type of argument and also requires criminal elements to put the effort in which they usually don't do. The "they're criminals they don't obey laws" argument also doesn't account for stiffer penalties and conspicuousness of the crimes committed after the laws pass. It's a lazy argument used by NRA fuds and doesn't actually have teath in the gun control debate. It's a throw away sound bite. I'm a gun owner. I like my right to own theses arms. Better and more cogent arguments for not banning certain types of weapons can be presented by gun owners. Pointing at these types of headlines and spouting the "this is dangerous" " only outlaws will own guns" lines is just the same old right-wing fear mongering culture wars bullshit that makes us all look like crazy gun fetishist.

  14. I can make a gun with an afternoon, some store bought power tools and steel, there will always be guns as long as the idea of guns is still around.

  15. Should wear the black daypack to look like a garbage bag, or a mechanism

  16. Drop that bag in interchange and folks can see it from a mile away, put a rig and some mags and shoot while they loot.

  17. It means that private institutions (the kind of school politicians kids go to) rarely have shootings, very very tasteless, even if true.

  18. Poorly worded, or rushed legislature can and will do just as much damage to minorities as direct discrimination.

  19. Exactly, remind people who want to demonize guns that badly written legislation can be just as harmful as intentional discrimination.

  20. Let me know if there is a better way to put any of the questions, I've found that questions get less of a fight response from folks than just stating facts.

  21. Have you talked to your partners openly? This is not a one-shot conversation. You expressed yourself very articulately here. Can you say the same things to your partners? You may have to express yourself over and over again until everyone hears you.

  22. Honestly though, what good relationship includes lying to three people and breaking very clear boundaries?

  23. Negative sound is sound reduction, positive numbers increase the volume.

  24. the left is definitely a good idea but seems hard to make it look natural if the player was to pivot while in the bush

  25. The poor engine has trouble with windy days, much less salty fellas.

  26. Any legislation that comes before police reform will unjustly fall on minorities. Look at Portland, OR. protests if it was white supremacists, A-Ok, if it was people demanding equal policing, rubber bullets, batons and unmarked vans snatching people.

  27. They jam like motherfuckers, lose clips w/out pressing the mag release, and are chambered in 22lr.

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