1. Why does it all looks so stiff tho? I’ve never see toilet paper stick straight out like that

  2. But what's underneath the towels?

  3. I was terrified to look but it was nothing. They just threw them all over there to be shitty.

  4. We got a P.O. Box at the DeVargas thinking that it would solve all the mail theft/missing mail happening at our house but actually we still just straight up don’t get mail and packages that we ordered, and when we try to ask about it the workers at the post office have no answers for us. Pretty helpless feeling - like am I just not supposed to be able to rely on getting mail?!

  5. You wrote that you only make $2.17 per hour. Then you also wrote that you dont make an hourly. Which is it? Your post is confusing

  6. What? If you’re making 2.17 per hour you never see that money - it goes straight to taxes and then you end up paying more taxes on top of it. It’s not confusing if you’ve ever worked in the industry.

  7. You can't simultaneously say you dont get an hourly wage and then say you dont LMFAO!

  8. ????????? It’s money you never actually see go away you freak. Do you have to “well actually” that hard? Get a hobby.

  9. Meanwhile her son got an underage CHILD pregnant and ruined her life and she’s celebrating.

  10. I believe there is some truth be it spiritual or otherworldly, something is watching over us.

  11. Hi - I work in a state that pays $2.17 an hour and it’s legal for our bosses to work us 10 hour shifts with no breaks (New Mexico). If I didn’t get tips I’d be destitute.

  12. I’ve been finding it’s getting slightly better this season, actually - last year, my favourite store kept marking crop tops and dresses with cut-offs as ‘work appropriate’ (I’m a lawyer so…yeah), but it’s more balanced now.

  13. Ah! I’m from Ontario but I live in New Mexico now, and I honestly long for Canadian clothes all the time. Whenever I go home and visit my family I always find gems. Simons is amazing. Also do you remember Smart Set? I think it’s gone forever now but I used to find great things there.

  14. It took me years to get properly diagnosed because my my family doctor accused me of wanting adhd medicine to get “skinny”. My grades suffered because I couldn’t focus and I didn’t get into the college I wanted, but then finally I went to see a doctor who was a woman in her early 30’s and she believed me right away.

  15. I have adhd and it was like pulling teeth to get the diagnosis because my doctors thought I just wanted the medication to be “skinny”

  16. I don't know where this idiot got Tuesday from? the grand jury that will vote for his indictment will meet on Wednesday... and for a guy that is pretty delusional, I would have assumed he would expect himself to be found innocent of all charges... why he expects to be arrested? I dunno... I considered taking this to

  17. This should come out of the cop’s pensions and not taxpayer money.

  18. Wake me up when Trump is actually brought to justice for even one of the thousands of crimes he committed.

  19. It is toasted, I just put the darker sides in so that it would hold the Mayo better!

  20. You work 10 hour shifts in the US and don’t get a lunch break? That’s a labor law violation.

  21. Yeah… even in the service industry that’s illegal in pretty much every state.

  22. We need to run these rats out of town. I dread going to the plaza and one of the main reasons is because of these douches springing out of doorways and attacking me with samples. That “bath bomb” place on the corner of San Francisco is EVIL, and there are several others now that are the same business model.

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