1. then watch the matches of the 8 teams you like. stop with this whining every time.

  2. Kya bc pura time Koach Koach bc ghus jao usko g*** me

  3. Exactly. At this point of time, people just need someone to criticize. It was Shastri and co before, now it's dravid and co.

  4. At all points of time. Fans are just fickle and toxic.

  5. I feel for this guy, he had a real downfall in his personal and professional life, without doing anything wrong specially professionally

  6. He never questioned his position in ODIs

  7. Usman Khawaja but he is a narcissist. Iman Khawaja.

  8. Could we have ultra edge to confirm there's no bat involved.

  9. Haan tum sab bhen ke lodo ab apni toxicity double kar lo womens team ko bhi same wahi gaaliya de ke. T: sure you guys go ahead and take this opportunity to double the toxicity by shitting on the women's team as well.

  10. Prime KL is up there with Kohli and Rohit skill-wise. If he just unlocks whatever mental block he has and starts playing consistently, it benefits India immensely.

  11. Ek to muft ke koi padha raha hak usme bhi chu cha karna hai

  12. Third umpire is more to blame. It's hard to judge as it's happening but the slomo replay clearly showed bat contact.

  13. That's a great nickname for him! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Let's be honest , India bowled a bit badly and two seamers were kind of unnecessary

  15. India bowled fine, a seamer took the most wickets, Australia batted positively. Obviously the pitch is turning more on days 2 and India's batting has been lower order dependent lately.

  16. gzk says:

    I'm sure he'd have preferred a recognised batsman like Axar or Shami

  17. Not every one is a chad like Todd Murphy to get a KL Rahul as the debut wicket.

  18. ..... AAAAAND he gets out to the debutant yet again.

  19. Pain killer injections; very common in contact sports. Around 25% of players in any football team get one ahead of the match as they're always carrying injuries.

  20. Tbh it didn't even seem like he said it that it's groundbreaking or unfair. He just said he wouldn't know what all injections they take. It's Zee News who are desperately trying to make this a big thing.

  21. Zee news conducted a sting operation against Chetan Sharma (chief selector), and he made some big revelations in that

  22. What are the big revelations? I watched the whole thing didn't understand what's that big of a deal?

  23. Poor guy got deceived by those reporters. And they are being so proud about it. Honestly, there isn't anything so outright controversial in anything he said. Indian media doing braindead reporting trying to sensationalize every fkin thing smh

  24. I fucking hate Zee news for what they did today. Probably they have given FOX news and Australians another reason to shit on ICT and Indians. Now the entire saga will be on the "injections" comment made by this bastard.

  25. Zee News are playing that video with all the sound effects trying to sensationalize as much as they can, but I am yet to find anything outright controversial from his statements. Even the 'injection' could be just something innocuous but now will become the focus of everything while our players try to focus on cricket. Indian media smh

  26. It's true, any random thing Koach posts I can expect to see here, I mean c'mon!

  27. Ah I see, sure I can do that. But this is in fact from the official crest in which the horse has an eye. The only thing I changed from the original was choosing a slightly warmer yellow.

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