My gf's anti-vax city counselor came to her door today...

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

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  1. Clark county food bank will take toiletries

  2. Use your MyChart. It goes straight to your doctor and M.A.

  3. My MyChart has the wrong docs and clinics way out in washougal that I didn’t even know existed on my account and no one at TVC will fix it when i call in. 🙄

  4. They are not dogs, they are DERGIE-DERGS.

  5. Stinky and dirty- Dirty whips that excavator scoop around, and bulldozes you off the map.

  6. It gets better! We survived threenager and 4 gets better even though it has its own set of challenges!

  7. Parent of an almost 5 year old here giving you the side eye 🤣 four was so much worse for us with 2/3 of my kids. We’ll see how the 3rd goes.

  8. Great news! CRESA, state emergency management, and the fire departments are all hiring! Now is your chance to lead by example!

  9. Then let em stand there knocking. You're in the comfort of your home. They're the one wasting their time.

  10. You gotta make sure they know you’re home, too. Walk past the door a few times. Yell at the dog to stop barking. Just so they know you don’t care.

  11. There are several hundred single family lots being developed in Ridgefield right now. However I noticed that one of the more established mostly-sold ones has a "2% interest rate reduction" sign out front, which tells me they're struggling to sell the remainder of their inventory. Not a great sign for the newer developments that haven't started selling yet. Makes me wonder if the population boom has slowed recently.

  12. Yeah right next to the $500,000 “starter townhomes” they’re building.

  13. It’s my grumpy kid in squirrel form.

  14. We lost ours at 7 this past week due to extremely aggressive bone cancer. It sucks

  15. I’m sorry to you too. Wishing you comfort

  16. Yeah they just sent us the notice too- I am also wondering about the cost.

  17. I can’t wait to see her brindle as she gets older! My first Boston had beautiful tiger stripes just like this. I miss that fancy fur!

  18. Mr maple, by far. The owner makes custom donuts for my kid based on the hot wheels car he brings in. How can you beat that?

  19. The crown jewel for my kid was when he brought in his prized “golden racer” (it’s like a gold lambo) and the owner went and made him a “golden” donut. The guy just knows how to make a four year old feel seen and heard and that’s really cool. Not many businesses care that much.

  20. Thank you so much I'll check them out. Where are they located ? I'm over here off of Millplain 164th area. The Main one is always busy I'll say that much for them but too busy for me and I feel like I'm missing something when I leave there. It's nice to know that not all of them are like that out here.

  21. Try the Herbery. They are super nice

  22. They’re still doing recycling every week? I was very upset that it said recycling every other week now- we pay for weekly and fill it weekly.

  23. They said the online calendar is wrong for everyone right now, and that they're still doing recycling every week.

  24. That makes my theory that Ryder is their secret love child a lot more sinister

  25. No no no Ryder is definitely the love child of mayor goodway and cap’n turbot. Mayor humdinger is just the annoying uncle.

  26. Lol, ok I could kind of sort that theory... Just neither of them seem remotely protective of him, more like the other way around.

  27. I feel like they’re overly “my hero!”-y to Ryder, building his confidence 🤣

  28. They also just reduced our recycling pickup from every week to every other week which is a bummer.

  29. Resubmission soon to be a white background with the resubmitted content as a pixel in the middle...

  30. Resubmitted soon half the size with the other half a “reaction video” of some idiot exaggerating their expressions.

  31. Yeah. The bloat builds and muscles relax throughout the day in early pregnancy. It’s super weird. In the morning my belly was gone, by 4pm it was huge with all of my kids.

  32. Broked 😉 😂 in a different way than usual 😋🥰

  33. Once she was finished zooming she broked for many hours.

  34. Add in a fart cloud and you’re there

  35. She has that art mastered for sure

  36. Who has Jameson left and who has Jameson right?

  37. Mine is the left one, hers is the right!

  38. Hers looks exactly like my non-Jameson SIC! Down to the “wtf” look 🤣

  39. On a different note, We should ban these huge signs that makes every intersection of our city look ugly.

  40. There’s a law in a city in Arkansas that prohibits these signs more than 30 days prior to an election (includes primaries) and they must be removed within 14 days following an election. They consider it political litter. If someone takes the charge on writing to every rep about this, count me in for full support. I appreciate freedom of speech to promote politics but it was gross to see the political signs pop up last YEAR for Kent.

  41. Sounds like a good idea. I know most cities don’t allow it. Unfortunate truth is that the very people who will pass laws to get rid of this ugliness are advertising their names here.

  42. Right? That’s the biggest challenge.

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