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  1. Looks nice. Obviously not up to MH quality but something I'm excited to try. Need to see some of the UI and crafting systems next though I don't expect them to be much different from MH. I'm also wondering how many monsters and weapon types there will be at launch.

  2. Of course it's just when I bought a new monitor.

  3. I got the Samsung G5A IPS which was relatively cheap (~260€). Though if I knew these were coming I'd have waited and spent more since it's already been like 10 years since my last monitor upgrade.

  4. Is it? I'd say it's a somewhat positive since they have some experience from the Toukiden series.

  5. I love the show for this exact reason. Give me all the worldbuilding and lore dump. There's plenty of episodes left for action scenes.

  6. Imagine in 10 years or so, when the show is finished people will be doing marathons with the full extended 5 seasons and the PJ movies.

  7. Not a fan of the helmet. Would have liked it more if it was more closed on the front and had more/bigger feathers on the sides.

  8. PC gaming will become a premium niche hobby once again. If you are on a budget or do not care that much about top end graphics then console is the way to go.

  9. If you don't care about high end graphics you can still use a CPU with an igpu or even buy a used card.

  10. My theory is Sauron promised Adar a ring of power or even the one ring, hence his line "I'm not a god, at least not yet".

  11. I'm really interested to see who he turns out to be (or not be).

  12. I always thought of song battles like how Gandalf vs Saruman in the Caradhras pass was portrayed.

  13. DLSS 3 is surely the one thing to be excited about. Truly ground breaking technology. I'm looking forward to playing CP2077, even though I already have a 3060ti, I'm waiting until the expansion is out. Also, might do a replay of Portal with the RTX mod.

  14. This looks sick and the concept is genious.

  15. Nvidia bet on scalpers and crypto and they lost. Fuck them.

  16. Imo, all personas feel like that. In fact, I'd say that this one is one of the better looking personas.

  17. Had the same thought. Haven't seen that logo in ages.

  18. Hope not. I want the next Saruman to be Charles Dance.

  19. Even if it sucks, I seriously doubt it's 1-star worthy. It would mean that the show failed to deliver in every single department which we both know is not true. At least, cinematography, visuals and music are top notch. So yeah, I'd consider it review bombing.

  20. dota2 devs care about BattlePass profit because it's used for their performance evaluation and counts towards how much bonus they received for that year.

  21. Is there a source for this? I've only heard of bonuses being tied to shipping stuff not profits.

  22. This is actually a 5head move where Valve comes out and announces that 50% of the part 2 pool will be given to the pro scene.

  23. Skins pretty meh so far but the new music is sick. Might get it just for that alone.

  24. 10$ on critic scores being almost all positive(that 1 billion dollars gets you lots of good PR) with the user score being muuuuuch lower.

  25. PJ broke the lore many times yet LOTR is considered one of the best trilogies/movies of all time.

  26. He broke continuity mostly, and left out some things like tom bombadil, but he did not break the lore to the same extent as rings of power, not even close.

  27. Saruman dying at Isengard? Elves at Helm's deep? Army of the dead at Minas Tirith? Want me to start on character changes?

  28. Reddit as well as a lot of the biggest sites run on Amazon web services. Don't see people boycotting them.

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