1. Can I inbox you, my PayPal? I'm not greedy, I'll just take 500.

  2. Internet. Although being a pro gamer, some people's connections certainly feel like they're still in the late 90s.

  3. When trading, it's important to only do so with your undivided attention.

  4. I ignored it for 3 weeks tbh. It's just funny cause I said in my group chat, "If I hit any stop losses, I'll just move the money into my long-terms"

  5. Haha yeah, I think for now I'll just put into my long-terms and just live life. Trading can be tiresome.

  6. I have LTC but haven't bought any since last summer. Just loading up on BTC atm, I will look at my others in a few weeks and add a little more.

  7. The fact that the industry values a meme coin so much shows how much of a clown show this is.

  8. I still dca weekly into crypto, but I'm putting double into my stocks lol. Strange degen world we live in.

  9. As a Doge hodler, I'm not sure if I should be happy or ashamed.

  10. There are a few things in Street Fighter that's a bit, "I wouldn't go there", this isn't one of them.

  11. If my table hasn't been cleared and I'm getting another drink, I'll just take the glasses up.

  12. OP says women to men ratio is 30/70

  13. Somewhere very funny since he likes to muhahahaha a lot.

  14. Karrion Kross, I don't hate him but I just don't care for his feuds.

  15. Ryu player just doing Ryu things.

  16. She's currently making everyone hate DBFZ.

  17. Of Gero’s creations in Z, 16 (and arguably 19) are the only ones without a soul. 17, 18, and Cell are all organic beings enhanced with cybernetics, and thus have souls in the DB universe.

  18. Basically this. If they would stop being referred to as "Androids", people wouldn't be confused 100 years later.

  19. You don't have to take my word for it. Here is Cell eating 17

  20. You certainly have a way with words.

  21. You guys do realise the last time Goku was flying around in SSB on Earth, there was a war between the Z Fighters and Moro's squad?

  22. dunna dunna dun-na dun, dunanadunandun BAWNG

  23. I mean he didn't exactly try to talk Kid Buu into being good either.

  24. Guile and Sim are the only other zoners coming over to 6 (Luke but you don't like him). I think Luke is fun in 5 and 6 personally.

  25. Ken literally has a v skill where he runs at you, slow?

  26. It really is, for 10 days off over Christmas / new years, can’t wait!

  27. 15 for me. I'm bragging because I'm in the UK and don't have today or Monday off like you. :(

  28. I’m UK based too, booked half day off today and Monday off as had spare holiday before end of year haha

  29. Haha nice, I didn't do much this year, so did 1 week last month, 1 last week and the rest in December.

  30. Non US resident have 30% dividend tax, so it's a consideration. Other than that their total return is kinda similar no?

  31. Probably a higher rank on a new account. A lot of people do that and just sit in casuals. I've wasted over a year in there, it's a waste of time. It's just smurfs and boosted players.

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