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  1. When there’s not enough room for both of us to comfortably sleep in our bed.

  2. They’re not even worth that.

  3. Yeah I think you’re reading too hard into it. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what other people are thinking, when you’ll never know and it doesn’t matter anyway. Who gives a shit what peoples looks are towards you. Keep your head high and do your thing. The only thing that matters is your feelings and thoughts about yourself.

  4. Look up “High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek” on Amazon. They’re decent price and work good. “Eargasm” are good ones too they’re just like double the price. I see the Hearprotek also has a 10% off coupon box on Amazon rn too so if you go with those check the box before adding to cart.

  5. Drive around enough and those jars will unscrew from the lids and break all over hell. Looks cool tho

  6. I did this with a 94 ford ranger, no issues, still runs like a champ and that was years ago.

  7. This is the best call of duty we’ve had in a long time. Classic call of duty formula. Treyarch doesn’t try to change the game and make it a slow tactical shooter that caters to campers like infinity Ward does. MW2 is quite literally the most boring call of duty I’ve ever played. I can’t play it any longer than 20 min. Cold War on the other hand doesn’t get boring. I can play for hours.

  8. I played MW2 the first 2 days it came out, played once since then. Ditched it and went back to Cold War. I can literally play this game for another 2 years until hopefully treyarch comes out with another gem like this one. I also played it through the life cycle of vanguard lol

  9. Came to say this. Likes like a printed font on a compooper. Very nice!!

  10. Not to rain on the parade but the food is overpriced for quality and restaurants never survived the COVID fallout, rivers are extremely overfished and crowded, most of the “local” stores have tags made in china, traffic jams all day with more car accidents than the population should have because the city won’t fix the roads, homeless population is about as bad as Seattle, can’t explore half of the nature you see because it’s private property, and good luck finding an affordable hotel without bedbugs or a Airbnb with hot water for less than $500 a night. You could maybe hike hyalite or go to the museum or camp in a jam-packed campground but other than that…it’s a weekend of fun type of town def not a tourist destination.

  11. My hands get dried out from working/cold weather. I put “working hands” on. That’s usually about it. The rest of my skin is weirdly naturally soft lol

  12. The smooth part of the extension will not destroy fingers lol. When using an extension I hold onto the extension with my bare hand. You could put your finger up against a spinning extension and it won’t hurt. I do agree they should be wearing safety glasses. But claiming an extension spinning like this could hurt the other guys hand is a buncha BS. Could you explain how it could hurt the other guys fingers?

  13. It takes so long though... Does everyone else hate it too?

  14. Everyone I know and have read hates it. It’s called SBMM, (skill based match making) but according to activision it’s the future of gaming so we’re stuck with it.

  15. Ayyyye the Zoooo!! Arise Music Festival when it was still a thing felt like such a more intimate experience between your neighbors and even during the shows with artists and the crowd. It will forever be missed.

  16. What kinda container did you use for such a big extraction?

  17. I played black ops 1 on the original wii haha it was trash tbh but it was an interesting change to the game

  18. Also coke is made all around the world 💀💀💀

  19. Colombia is the largest producer in the world though. So there is that, but I agree lol.

  20. I can cause issues and not ideal, generally a few loops is okay

  21. Tell me you have no experience without telling me you have no experience, LOL

  22. Mine has been like this over a year, I steadily get good speeds with 0 issues. I just tested my speed and it’s 189Mbps. This will not cause issues for a regular user. What else do you recommend doing with the excess cable?

  23. Don’t judge a horny moose

  24. But you already have two turbos in front of the radiator!😉

  25. Talking at the urinal is only weird if youre not sharing one too

  26. According to the app it can take up to 24hrs for the code to be sent for skin

  27. It sucks. It’s legal in my state. Even have a law protecting employees from employee discrimination of “lawful” products use outside work hours. EXCEPT if the company has an established substance abuse or alcohol program or policy, professional contract, or collective bargaining agreement. And my job has a union contract written contract that specifies no marijuana use. So I’m not protected. It sucks. And like you said, someone can go home and drink their heart out. They can get DUIs and be fine. But I can’t stay home and smoke a joint to relax.

  28. Boof her before she boofs you!!

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