1. What "cheats" do you think he's running?

  2. Wallhack, aimbot, map, etc. DO NOT EXIST ON CONSOLES. FFS people are so cringe.

  3. You can't finish the pass for $10. It'll cost you more.

  4. How did you know you had malware on your PC?

  5. Lol KBM, Cronus or not, the player(s) getting beamed lacked awareness. Just TPP one of the many corners, wait for them to sprint/look away while crossing the field, shoot.

  6. What are you talking about? MW2 is riddled with bugs.

  7. I love MWII, but it's a buggy mess, OP. With core series features missing or nonfunctional.

  8. Lol, no Barracks or leaderboards in a CoD game in 2022

  9. Yup, I also stopped reading their comments after that one.

  10. Naughty Dog's new MP title. If trends hold, it'll release next year.

  11. Could be worse, I could be the kind of douche who pre-emptively complains about other people complaining, with 0 sense of self-awareness.

  12. Greatly appreciate your finding and underlining their bullshit.

  13. Yes, super thrilled to have to enjoy Forge creations vicariously.

  14. This game is buggy af. That being said, I've found spamming A or X to skip through the post-match challenge progression menu will sometimes cause challenges to fail to progress.

  15. Will users be able to search for Grifball, Jenga, any of the variants to be made in Forge?

  16. I don’t have an answer for this. But I hope so eventually

  17. So to your original Q- no. It's progress, though.

  18. For sure 100% PC every time no matter what game it is in any situation ever . Lol

  19. Ya? The Last of Us and God of War are sick on PC

  20. Just calling out liars mate, you where the one bragging about a 11 K/D and now you’re trying to play the victim, you’ve embarrassed yourself And the name calling proves it.

  21. Bragging? Lol, read before jumping into a conversation with your contrarian bullshit.

  22. Ya dog, I'm not sharing my PSN ID on Reddit. God forbid some of my afk friends saw this account lol.

  23. Actually, the problem goes a layer deeper.

  24. Deston is my least favorite to date. Will back out every time.

  25. People buy vehicle skins far less often than other cosmetics. BTB will be the last mode to be touched.

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