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  1. He installed that to a bmw, nice.

  2. I said that way back in 2004 with myspace, I just never knew how bad it could be.

  3. Everyone who didnt vote their way. That's why they are trying to end the mail in vote or drop boxes, that way they can make sure everyone who is voting in person votes their way or you pay the consequences. I would not be surprised if they will be armed and chasing off voters.

  4. So crazy to think that these people think they are saving us from a tyrannical government, the reality is that they will be come the very thing they fear. It will be people like me who don't want to be controlled under the biblical lens that will have our freedoms stripped away.

  5. It's aim assist. Makes both settings pointless.

  6. “Waaaah he has aim assist, I can literally point and click on foreheads but aim assist is OP 😩”

  7. You literally have to be fast enough and accurately enough to stop on a targed at the right moment who is moving at the same time and click at the right moment. Aim assist is a joke and all you have to have is your center dot just in the vicinity. Try sensitivity where one inch movement on your pad moves you from one side of the screen to the other and tell me how easy it is to cap dudes like an aimbot. Aim assist 0 skill.

  8. How do you know he wasn’t spraying diarrhea? Why do you assume it was a piss?

  9. Dude came running in to the stall next to me and was standing facing the toilet. I couldn't assume he was doing anything but pissing. I could only guess that it may be a result from putting stuff down his pee hole too much.

  10. Lol when you fan total is more expensive than your case. I feel like you need to be sponsored since you have so many 12X25's.

  11. Fuck what they did with buffs and speed and aim assist. They need to return movement to cod 2009 movement. It's fair.

  12. I'm willing to bet Ive worked on that very freighter. That's gonna be one expensive fix. Any idea what the line number?

  13. Depends on how bad the damage is to the front spar

  14. Oh that's well into the front spar. It's beyond the closeout panel so you can bet there is damage to a a few ribs. I can't see damage to the front spart on a fully assembled wing being cheap and easy.

  15. There's nothing leftwing about the democratic party except their social views. Your problem is with capitalism.

  16. Yep, why can't the right be educated to the point they know the difference between capitalism and socialism? That's right they are easy to brainwash and get to parrot the same bullshit over and over again.

  17. Since sniping is a joke anymore I just fuck around with AR sniper builds. M4 sniper with socom rounds or the amax with 7.62 rounds. Sure it's not gonna win me any gun fights but the matches are full of so many sweaty fuckers you gotta have fun where you can.

  18. There's alot of potential for explosives now with so many of the sweats running serpentine. You can get one shot downs with an RPG, and two mines will also down someone. The balloons present an interesting opportunity for a sophisticated gentleman with a rocket launcher. And of course the sweats get very upset when they die to something considered 'cheap'

  19. Semtex is about useless now. It's like a little fire cracker even if it's right next to them.

  20. You're not going to see chips stay competitive as long as they used to. The age of new quad cores with mild ipc improvements each gen is over. The last few generations have had more changes than we've seen over any in the last decade.

  21. So something like a 10900kf would not last me future proofwise as long as my 4790k has?

  22. Not necessarily. I have a 10850K myself, and I don't expect it to limit my experience anytime soon. That said, if you look at the benchmarks, there are already significant performance benefits if I were to upgrade to something like a 12700K today. The same was not true back then going from say a 4790K to a 6700K or 7700K. You also have to consider the relatively rapid pace of secondary technologies like pcie 4.0 and 5.0, DDR4 to DDR5, and ideas like Intel's e cores or AMD chiplets or 3d cache, all of which are drastically changing the market and are coming fast, which again wasn't really happening much back then.

  23. Yeah I can see how it doesn't really scale. Kinda sucks a little bit if you think about it.

  24. Way jealous, I got COVID for my birthday dinner. Was suppose to be smoked pork and beef ribs with smoked pulled pork. I think a dry age steak totally sounds better. How many days?

  25. Something tells me those texts involved Roger stone and some frogs.

  26. Been like this for a while now my guy. If I'm not getting stim pushed and camera'd by a bunny hopping Roze skin I get concerned. It's so normal now.

  27. Fuck stims and that bunny hopping shit. There is no way anyone with m&k can bunny hop like those fuckers do and track dead balls on without moving from center mass. AA ftw.

  28. On the contrary, it’s actually easier for mkb players to bunny hop. In order for a controller player to do it they literally have to stop aiming, use an alternate button layout, have a strike pack, or a $200 controller.

  29. Aim assist will keep them on target. No need to try.

  30. Isn't this a bit like how the Lazarus effect played out?

  31. I don't play anything other than hardcore. It tests your situationonal awareness ability to know where you are at and where everyone and everything is in relation to you, that means shadows now have purpose. Best part is that weapon caliber does matter not to which is the way it should be. No one should ever get owned by an mp7 when you got tagged with the scar first.

  32. Lmao that is the best shit ever. Perfect dog transfer.

  33. You do know that America is a a capitalist Republic right and not a Socialist Republic? In capitalism the corporations own all of the commodities and resources and bleed us dry. In a socialist Republic, we the people would direct our elected officials to control all of those assets and no corporations would be allowed to own commodities.

  34. C4 actually 1 shots vehicles again now then?

  35. No it actually takes 2 for the planes. I need to test that for helicopter and the vehicles.

  36. 😒. Thank you for the report.

  37. It seems pretty durable it’s got weights that it come with that it automatically with detect how much weight you put in and it really helps with the aim, not to mention kinda give that heavy quality type feel if you know what I’m getting at. But yeah I’m not a fan of that app either just seems a bit slow to navigate for some odd reason, other than that no problems with the app! I’d say all around it’s definitely worth the money I haven’t had a lot of fancy mouses this is the fanciest one I’ve ever had so it’s super nice to me and love it but could be shit to someone else’s standards. My previous mouse was a gamdias Demeter so the difference in mouses are quite big that last mouse was a shitter felt super cheap.

  38. Thank you for the feedback. When this death adder gives up the ghost I'll try that. With Amazon the way it is I won't worry about a return policy if I don't like how it feels. Happy gamin boss.

  39. Lol it may be some time. So far this death adder is doing good and on year 3. When a button goes I'll buy it for sure.

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