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  1. I feel like a read a marketing newsletter and all it was missing was the sales pitch, “subscribe now and get our top 10 stocks to buy”. I am with many already commented. Too bullish for what’s coming in next two weeks. There maybe some buying opportunities in a few areas of the market but definitely not in tech.

  2. Anywhere particular you'd suggest? I was looking at oil/energy ETFs since they were down yesterday

  3. Energy is going to be reasonably stable for rest of this year. Not sure if huge upside. I am leaning towards companies outside the USA for now. International has a chance to grow this year. You can DCA over next year into technology if you feel compelled. It’s hard to pick an industry right now best to look for individual companies you like.

  4. The drummer may have a better ability to predict this market. 😂. Lee has been terrible in the past year.

  5. Call police and tow truck. Simple answer.

  6. My remind me 3 months beat your own. LOL. Look at a chart. I know you think you did something, but you did not. Did you see what happened in October? LOL

  7. I have a few myself. At this point I am looking for break even or slight gain. Depends whether or not volatility helps out, tech earnings suck even more than they have so far, and all those lucky stock holders decide to lock in profits from the crazy move up. It’s tough since there are still people out there thinking 2023 is the year they recoup their losses. Spoiler alert they won’t. IMO another year of holding bags. The consumer is going to travel, and that’s it. Overall costs are too high and layoff announcements may sour peoples moods. Credit card bills need to be paid off. Anyone saying “consumer is resilient” is crazy. They are going to be broke-n.

  8. Yeah it definitely seems over valued. I have no uncertainty that NVIDIA is going to reap the benefits of AI in the long term whenever it does get implemented on a wide scale, but this is probably too premature for such a large spike and I'd place my bets on it dipping for a bit when investors become impatient.

  9. Three things drove this insane move, anything related to AI, the persistent feeling that the Fed will capitulate and bring back free money for people to invest, and FOMO whenever a stock makes a move up and “I don’t want to miss it” feelings kick in. This was not just NVDA it’s all over the market now. It’s a fire that spread and the talking heads are making their rounds saying “4600” SP500 EOY, because we know how right they have been so far. IMO we overshot on this run and will settle down to a lower level. I think tech earnings and outlooks will not be good and bring nasdaq and SP500 lower. Fed raises two more times and repeats the message “higher for longer” every month until this market finally hears them and helps asset values go down, or a recession kicks in for them. I don’t understand how anyone thinks this year will be a great year for equities.

  10. No matter how much the Memphis cops want you to think this was unique, the reality is it’s not. This is a systematic issue where this violence is all to common in every police force in the country

  11. “Systemic issue” is not said enough. People dropped this term when the republicans demonized anyone else using it. Say it over and over. Make people understand that is a problem in the SYSTEM and not just “one bad cop” BS they want you to believe.

  12. I recently sold all my Intel and all my Nucor. One I'm glad I sold. The other, not so much.

  13. AMD traded lower AH because the writing is on the wall. Frankly, people have been talking about bad earnings in this space for a long time but no one listens. They just keep plowing money into these stocks without a thought. It’s all gonna blow up soon.

  14. "it's all gonna blow up soon" my friend did you miss the past year when basically every semi stock sagged 60+% off its ATH??

  15. The whole market blew up, expect energy. And it ain’t over.

  16. Is this fu&$ing real? It’s amazingly accurate if it really wrote this. 😳

  17. It’s called ignorant investing. “Oh look shiny object, must have “.

  18. Just remember diamond hands often has resulted in bloody hands. Diamonds are tough and hands are not.

  19. Buy high sell low. It’s the only way for the Samurai.

  20. I find it funny that so many of you have it in your head that all tech employees are making super high salaries. Not all tech company jobs are high paying software engineers. I bet most of those guys are still there. It’s more likely a lot of lower salary people in corporate departments getting fired.

  21. Just wanted to also compliment you in a well thought out and sincerely written post. You are doing the hard work and she seems amenable towards making you happy. I hope it gets closer to what you what. She seems worth it so don’t give up.

  22. Should not every post like this at least say where in Omaha you are staying? Driving long distance (or taking a taxi) after a wonderful dive bar night might be inhibited by distance.

  23. They literally killed off Nikola CEO over this same sh$t. Geez.

  24. Difficult to predict anything now a days. The stock market, the bond market, the economy and definitely the weather.

  25. It's almost like trying to predict highly variable conditions in a 23,000 square mile area in a 197,000,0000 square mile planet should be simple! Sheeple! The government that relies on you for governance is actively trying to kill you!!!!

  26. You threw out a lot of vitriol based on a few poorly worded or ignorant comments made on this sub. If I did this on every sub I read I would be thrown off Reddit. I have read many posts and comments on here for years and I find most people to be thoughtful and helpful. Yes, PIV comes up for many but I find in general it just means a lack of intimacy. If those couples could articulate that desire better they might have better relationships. Of course, there are always ignorant/misinformed posts/comments but its not the majority. Nothing you pointed out is new and ignorant/misinformed posts/comments get corrected accordingly. BTW this post could have been better for you if you simply talked about your relationship with your husband and sought advice, or better yet talk to him more about it, if not already.

  27. Absolutely if a man cleans… gives massages… let’s you have me time I’m fooking him however he likes just from walking into a clean house and the child’s routine all done it’s a huge turn on.

  28. Mostly women (but can be men too) who are not used to help and have kids. It’s kinda sad actually like no shit your partner who does everything for the kids, cooks, cleans, plays with kids, school work, etc is the LL. Kinda hard to want sex when you are surrounded by kids and caring for kids all day/after work . So when the partner decides to help the person who does majority in the parenting/home it is a turn on to them. Maybe because they finally have things off their plate to be in the mood or they are being the partner they’ve always wanted??? That’s my theory. Most people don’t realize the dynamic they are getting into having kids with someone. They expect 50/50 and get 10/90 which causes resentment

  29. I generally agree but I personally have seen where my partner has turned our child into an excuse when in reality for years I have done 90% of what needs to be done at home, but she saw my contribution as 10%. Only thing remaining for me to do was literally take our son to pre care, pick him up and give him a bath. Eventually I discovered with my partner she wallows in negativity and dwells in her own head. She makes no effort anymore towards fixing herself and focusing on our relationship because she chooses not to, and feels righteous in doing it. My general advice to all is make sure both of you are on the same page as to what is causing the issues and be honest.

  30. Have you heard of the acronym TINA? (There is no alternative) to stocks. That was the reality of the last several years, it is no longer the case. So yeah, a lot of money that went into stocks in the last few years, pushing it to new highs, will likely not come back

  31. Alot of money that went to stocks also got lost forever. Bonds will remain a good buy all year. Risk aversion will remain high for a long time. Anyone dreaming of a fast stock market recovery, are well dreaming.

  32. 😂. Pausing not gonna happen for some months. And no way in hell is Fed dropping rates in 2023 unless we have a total collapse of economic conditions, which won’t happen either. Bond buyers know this. They realize equities will be shit this year. And Fed will pause eventually but stay as is for at least a year.

  33. This earnings season will either emboldened the Uber optimistic view of the economy and market, or will finally have the market realize it’s not going to be a good year. The cost of everything that matters including labor is staying high all year. You may have slight MoM inflation percentage changes that look positive but the freaking costs of everything that matters will stay high. That is the problem. At some point average lower paid Americans can’t afford to live anymore. Disposable purchases become non existent.

  34. I guess PE ratios don’t matter anymore especially in a sustained higher interest rate environment and a potentially slow to stagnant economic growth environment. Why should we expect that anyone today understands the reality of 2023 when the have been brainwashed by easy money policies for over a decade.

  35. When are we going to just spend what we make, minus the interest on the existing debt?

  36. Not for you. These guys are using funny money and false promises to win votes. Nothing ever makes sense when the government representatives are serving their own self interest.

  37. If we see anywhere near expected numbers this thing is gonna fade hard into the rest of this week.

  38. Have to say, moving from Hudson Valley to JC, NJ maybe a very different feeling. I am curious. Why did you decide to go to JC?

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