1. The 400 blows Splendor in the grass Rebel without a cause American graffiti Fast time at ridgemont high

  2. Sounds like we're all turning into beluga whales in the future maybe to protect ourselves from climate change

  3. If you look hard enough you might come up with the last chocotaco

  4. Posh. And you can't use it naturally unless you're legitimately british

  5. If i have a favorite starbucks its gotta be the little tokyo one. Oh well

  6. All the dick riders imagine he's inspired by nikola tesla himself, but his real inspiration is pt barnum

  7. Beverly hills must be really lame, with all the rich people living there and not even 1 batman around to fight crime

  8. It comes naturally if you get run support every time and more so for elite pitchers

  9. He was on a fucking spree that particular week and couldn't think straight. He should sue the maker of viagra after he loses the twitter lawsuit

  10. Coogan's bluff. Think of it as a dirty harry prequel

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