1. You're looking at this completely ass backwards.

  2. So heavily edited videos with CGI now count as public freakouts even though they were not in reality?

  3. It makes no logical sense for the Russians to do it for 2 major reasons. They could have just turned off a valve and it hurts them short and long term too.

  4. Lol logical sense? They are threatening nuclear war and backed down. They blew up their own pipeline to creat a humanitarian crisis in Europe that the US will be forced to deal with, straining support for the Ukraine war effort. Russia strengthened their position by blowing up the pipeline not weakened it.

  5. So W11 after a year of public beta still has core issues. Glad I didn't 'upgrade' on any of my systems.

  6. They wank themselves silly over 100 different things to do with Man C.

  7. Another video that is a 5th generation screen recording flipping from horizontal to vertical and back again so it ends up being a tiny fucking dot

  8. The whole series is a joke and an insult to science and proper investigators.

  9. No he didn't. Someone edited it to look like he was.

  10. Everquest, Ultima Online, Tibia, Pristontale, Fiesta Online

  11. EQ1 and 2 still going just fine, new xpacs every year.

  12. Widgets are entirely fucked. They don't follow your language preferences is the main thing. For two...I think the state of content on the web is that it's 90% algorithm-generated nonsense these days, why would you willfully click on the corner of your screen to get a big spash of that in your face?

  13. It's worse than that. It's all based on the news page MSN have had for years. It STILL does not respect your interests. Which are so coarse they are pointless.

  14. It's very free and open to all sides of the argument here, just like Star Trek should be.

  15. I was more thinking they got their franchises mixed up and they think President Clark will send the Ministry of Truth after them.

  16. Yeah it's not just bad, it's really bad. Shockingly so really over there as well as Daystrom.

  17. .. or nothing could happen. People need to stop getting excited BEFORE things happen.

  18. The amount of Americans who are 'butt hurt' about this graphic just shows the level of denial.

  19. I’d like to see a chart for the last five years, America has been developed a lot longer most of these countries.

  20. Don't include science that you clearly don't understand into you woo woo theories.

  21. What's worse if the overwhelming majority of people who didn't get the Covid Vax are not anti-vaccine. They have had all of the other ones. But they deliberately discard that crucial bit of info.

  22. Basic research will show this image of light is to celebrate the Sputnik anniversary. They do this every year. Very disingenuous from the get-go by whoever made this video.

  23. Yeah, it's weird to think some 'civilised' countries actually ritualistically murder fellow humans as they think it's part of some sort of justice.

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