Just released my DOOM adventure map after 2 years of development! Here's the launch trailer

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  2. This is some weird Bene Gesserit shit, and I don’t like it

  3. I certainly hope Kim ain’t the Kwisatz Haderach.

  4. Turn it into biodiesel and throw it in your gas tank.

  5. I just finished a play-through of DOOM 2016 and I’ve recently gotten back into Minecraft.

  6. Hey, I am also taking microbio. While I haven't done an endospore stain in lab yet, I do know that Bacillus Subtilis can form endospores. I think one mistake that could have happened is that you didn't wait long enough for malachite green to penetrate the endospores on the hot plate.

  7. Whats are some common mistakes we could have made? We were hoping to find endospores, could B. Subtilis not have formed any?

  8. Yea I’ve started seeing this recently, must be the PTSD.

  9. That one stupid rifle grenade the VC sapper has.

  10. I love that gun! I usually set up next to an ammo box, use the map to find a good target, and then let loose a mini artillery barrage. I’ve gotten a bunch of kills this way.

  11. Anyone else skeptical of this video being real? The camera shake seems like it was added in after, and something about those light rays looks so unreal

  12. The camera shake, purple lighting, and weird water, make me think that this is really cool CGI.

  13. Ah no it’s fine, context is allowed in the comments. Should have had a /s. My bad.

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