1. Anyone who still wears a mask is mentally ill

  2. Youre just lucky I guess 🤷‍♂️

  3. You guys are so judgmental holy shit. Who the fuck cares, does this affect you so much? No. You don’t know him. Maybe he’s a doctor, maybe he’s immunocompromised, maybe he lives with anxiety or OCD, but it does not fucking matter. Leave the guy alone. Be an adult and mind your own dam business.

  4. I think you got lost, wrong sub buddy

  5. They have turned these poor bastards into pharma-junkies. They are jonesing for their next boost.

  6. Wonder how they set them up? They go on gay dating app and start swiping and stuff?

  7. Why was a plastic surgeon dealing with kids, was he giving boys tits or something

  8. December 2021 I got covid. No symptoms other than loss of taste and smell and a headache that may have been unrelated. No fever, not even a runny nose. Go back to work, maybe a week goes by and the OSHA mandate is at the Supreme Court and it's up in the air whether I'll be forced to vaccinate (not happening) or test weekly. HR sent out an email talking about it. I said something to my boss about it and he said "you're not vaccinated? I thought you were". I told him no because I didn't think I needed it. He says "you should just go ahead and get it anyway". Reminder that this is barely 2 weeks since I had tested positive, because they changed asymptomatic quarantine to 1 week right as i tested positive. At this point I have PEAK immunity to covid... and he tells me I should get vaccinated.

  9. Same thing for me, got covid before the vax and they still told me its good to get vaccinated 🤡

  10. Maybe a stupid question but did you ask him if he was aware of the side effects?

  11. Nah I stopped trying with those people

  12. You do bigot, stop spreading your misinformation to kill grandmas.

  13. Does the meme lord realise a scuba mask doesn't even cover the mouth?

  14. What do you mean? I’ve been flying unvaccinated all this time and have not heard anything from The CDC

  15. Well if you are an American citizen of course there are no restrictions.

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