1. B1, 2 launches on REGULAR HIT. It better not be i12 if that's the case.

  2. The bounding powerbomb isn’t the shining wizard throw, if u slow it down u can see it’s slightly different and it seems to be a 2 break throw instead of 1+2.

  3. Calling him dumb dumb = maximum mental destruction. Well said.

  4. At first I didn’t like them, but their pronunciation of the character names are starting to be quite enjoyable and funny since the law and Paul trailer.

  5. I agree with everyone else but more importantly, tekken 8 is at the very least 1yr away. Gotta curb those expectations.

  6. Hold on let me call up Harada and ask for you.

  7. With it only being revealed now, there’s a lot of time to either decide or change their minds on how good movement should be. So they wouldn’t want to commit to or show that right now for fear of player backlash as half of all the discussion on the next tekken game has been how they should adjust movement.

  8. I just watched KingJae's reaction video and he made a big deal of the trailer moment where Jin whiffed a hook fist and the scene focused on Kazuya sort of leaning back to evade it. He theorized that it could be a teaser for some potential new mechanic.

  9. While I like your idea of having slow mo moments for whiffs created by movement, I think it would slow the gameplay down too much at high levels of play as it would happen often.

  10. I reckon you’re definitely on to something with them testing some mechanics with later patches and dlc characters. Though I don’t think we can gather much info from how moves will work online if they transitioned to story mode animations like Jin getting up after the

  11. Aah but the steam browser is so subpar though... What do you usually browse, reddit?

  12. You don’t use the steam browser, u just shift + tab for the steam overlay to pop up and then alt tab to ur normal browser. Works like a charm.

  13. That’s a urban myth. The game will still crash with steam overlay open.

  14. I haven’t crashed in like a year since I started doing this so it’s not a myth for me.

  15. Wherever you cross the point of better than 50% of players in rank. Last I checked the data I think this was high orange. This is a much lower bar then most people have but if you are talking about rank then you are considering tekken more of an online game than a locals game which is fair and significantly lowers the bar of being good compared to any local scene.

  16. Wdym with -lowers the bar of being good compared to any local scene-?

  17. The bar for being good in the context of of an online game and all it’s players is much lower than the bar in the context of a locals group who meet up to play tekken and have decades of experience between them. In other words, the median skill level is much higher among most local groups compared to all online players.

  18. Miguel mains try to learn how to bdc? My mind is blown. Anyway it's bb,n,db,b,n,db,b,n,db,b,n,db,b. Thank me later kid.

  19. This just isn’t correct man. It’s b,db,b, n repeated. Ur method doesn’t have a b,n,b to make the backdash happen. Thank me later kid /s.

  20. It wasn’t confirmed if Bob had high usage in T6 and TTT2. I think that’s a misconception. He might have gotten in T7 because they always give new characters a second chance. You can’t just say a character has high usage based on how frequently you see them online. No single person's experience is going to be representative of overall usage stats. Some characters are rank dependent and there also regional differences to consider.

  21. You have done the same thing you are saying he shouldn’t do by calling bob unpopular without data to back it up…..

  22. Yeah, that is what i meant, which character is best suited for the given type

  23. Both of these character would definitely fit in the body archetype due to the execution. And spacing in tekken requires execution too. I think some characters require body but other characters don’t require the other archetypes as I think heart and mind is just a player play style that you can do with any character. Because any character can make a read and punish it.

  24. Electric is easier than ducking and launching that move.

  25. No, it's not. In fact it's a lot harder. Lidia 3,2 is a two hit string, so it's 10x easier to be prepared with a proper punish, while launch punishing electric while confirming whiff is impossible. You can only do it on a read nowadays.

  26. I was assuming he was just talking about doing an electric, not punishing it. But as for launch punishing it compared to 3,2 I would say they are about equally difficult but due to different reasons. Reacting to electric whiff is difficult but I think timing the launch punish for 3,2 is what makes that very difficult. Too late and it’s blocked, too early and u get launched.

  27. The question has been answered so I’ll just tell you that I’m pretty sure low parrying takes 2 frames while crouching only takes one just FYI. As there are some situations in the game where you can’t low parry a move but you can block it, possibly in some strings.

  28. I usually do RD > 3,1 > b3,f,1,3 or b3,f,1,2

  29. It's not as situational as you think given that Armor King can go for this as long as he carries to the wall. Even if they throw break their back is still towards the wall and Armor King maintains positional advantage.

  30. Going for the rage drive though would be very dangerous as he isn't at +12. and again he has to be in rage as well, which if people are aware of the rage drive after that throw they will probs 2 break if he is in rage. So i reckon it would be a very rare occurrence in game. Especially since i have only seen it done in game in 1 clip online before.

  31. This actually happens a lot more than you think. You'll see this a number of times even in tekken God games.

  32. By reseting the opponent at the wall 'like kazuya', I'm guessing you are referring to low wall splat hits. These low wall splat hits were nerfed 10% scaling just like normal wall splat hits so all characters are affected by these dmg nerfs. Though, the characters that will lose the most damage are characters who had the highest wall damage. Because dmg is scaled back by a percentage. If you think your character lost more damage than others, I would just be grateful that your damage does more damage at the wall than others.

  33. Ff4 nerf is fine imo because it is the go-to mid oki after zen 1,3 combo ender. Imagine receiving a full combo then on wake up your at -4 and in crouch.

  34. It is super easily siderolled in oki situations so it’s not a guarantee.

  35. Oh shit, that's right! How could I forget? Now is the time for f+3~3 to shine! It may not force opponents on crouch but the frame advantage is crazy good. Not to mention it knocks down opponents facedown on hit with a guaranteed d2.

  36. There’s zen 3+4 as well that’s gives + frames. Not too useful though but thought I would mention it.

  37. Alisa is the only character with a punch parry that also reverses throws (typically it's low and throws).

  38. Also, pressing nothing when he has mounted you will have you blocking his centre attacks.

  39. Why take 5 seconds to learn something yourself when you could shit out a reddit post and get spoonfed easily found information?

  40. The move he is looking for is wr4 and it’s not on the movelist..... perhaps know what you’re talking about before mock someone who’s just trying to learn the game. Embarrassing...

  41. Notice I said “easily found” and never referred to his move list. Did you type that entire diatribe without actually reading my comment?

  42. For a new player, anything they need to go outside of the game for is not easily found information. So I did read your comment, I just have a more reasonable understanding of ‘easily found.’

  43. The grommet won’t affect tension, you should look at different micro switches. Those are what affects corners. Also the lever shaft diameter might but I wouldn’t bother changing that.

  44. I see. So the 309 Mj comes with the GSM-V1623A3 switches. So I could just change those out and it would adjust it depending on what I change them to. I'm not too familar with the types so switches so which ones would get the bigger corners I'm after and also could I mix and match them?

  45. First off I said the grommets don’t effect tension, they do. I meant to say the corners. Yes you can Mix and Match if you want some directions to activate earlier than others, this can also be used to make some corners easier to hit than others. Though I wouldn’t recommend it as when you change sides, your muscle memory would be out of order. I’m not too knowledgeable on all the types of Korean micro switches but I know that the A3 gersungs are very popular over the A2’s as the A3’s have bigger corners. I use A3’s and like them.

  46. Projectiles, it doesn’t ruin the game for me how it’s done in tekken or street fighter. But a game like mortal combat is just too much for me in that aspect.

  47. Touchpad button doubles as a select button. It is definitely not exclusive to PS4. On PC and Xbox you just have to use equivalent button to show this.

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