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  1. You don't understand statecraft, allied support, nor strategy.

  2. You don't understand statecraft, allied support, nor strategy.

  3. I had kernel 5.17 but it started freezing with anything more than 470 nvidia drivers. With 5.17 i could manage the performance cores in ubuntu

  4. Supercharging is going to be difficult with that, just so you know. It’s basically like towing a trailer, the cable won’t be long enough to reach if backing in.

  5. Yeah, in this event it would be beneficial to use the pull in charger, opposed to back-in.

  6. z57 says:

    Can't speak for OP but my swivel dropped the screen down a few inches from stock height. Now my phone is less visible in the center console, but I can see the road slightly better. As good as the Tesla UI is, it doesn't get all the same info as my phone.

  7. You're going to have to be more specific...

  8. I think it's a house. A house is typically a dwelling for humans habitation.

  9. I did, you may have missed it. I admitted to being selfish and an asshole at times.

  10. As a man who is newly married. Can you provide some more insight as to what you did so that I can avoid it. Never offense, just generally interested.

  11. Pro tip: don't sexually assault her while she sleeps.

  12. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother breastfeeding their child.

  13. FUCK YEAH! Hopefully it is a proper Outbreak 2 and not the weird hybrid mode Vanguard tried to be.

  14. My brother-in-law told me not to buy Vanguard and I did not listen to him just because I loved Cold War so much. Man he was so right.

  15. Thanks ! I’m anti plasti dip lol These were powder coated

  16. yeah, still iterating on pricing. Any feedback?

  17. Sorry I forgot to reply. Let me play with it a little bit more and get back to you.

  18. Your mom thinks you’re very handsome in that brown sweater.

  19. Funny enough, SLI didn't die. These days it's called nvlink. The big problem is that AMD and Intel won't touch it with a 10 ft pole, so all the x86 systems only use PCIe. You can buy systems from IBM today, but it's one of those, 'if you have to ask price, you can't afford it'. NVIDIA is releasing a ARM cpu with nvlink, though I don't think that's out yet. Big problem with both is that Anaconda doesn't support Power9, and ARM I think is incomplete, so likely there will be dependency issues for a while.

  20. I had two 2080's and It's great when it's supported, and it would be great for this. But if you're doing it for gaming it is not well supported.

  21. Nor did I see any tight dresses. Quite the opposite really.

  22. bumper cars. I know this because my neighbors have backed into both ends of my car and it looks exactly like this

  23. To be fair, someone's kid might be doing something you don't know about and using a ton of bandwidth. Console updates, etc.

  24. "Umm yes honey, we used all that data... Umm, Johnny's XBOX is did a console update or something"

  25. Yeah if apple really wants to comply they would pull signal off the AppStore in China. Personally I would choose it if I was in their situation

  26. All these reassure my decision to have an Android. From having the ability to root, being able to install anything, custom operating systems, to Google not having complete control over all Android devices I have a hard time going back to iPhone (2010-11) in spite of some of the ease it clearly grants.

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