1. Everybody call voice their opinion, but somebody calling you an idiot for your opinion is their opinion and you can leave it there or bicker like children

  2. ChatGPT is basically an advanced Google result, it compiles the most commonly used phrases and terms then pushes then through an NLP and spits out a result. This is not new information, just whats been said most compiled into a nice result.

  3. Reminds me of when somebody asked if I could build an "AI" to calculate business expenditure... At least it means the IT industry is virtually impervious to inexperienced job hoppers

  4. Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. He forgave me on the condition that I don't bring up any issues about with his weight loss process.

  5. Lol ig ores all the comments calling you out on your bs and reply to the one that doesn't directly call you out

  6. both of the ways you used it should be affected. It also is not a noun in that first sentence.

  7. Not sure if the police salaries allow for eye laser surgery or glasses... ;)

  8. Oh yeah, county of no free health care lmao. Also... IT WAS THEIR FUCKING DRONE DUMBASS

  9. Are you calling me the dumbass here? I didn't shoot anyone. Ever.

  10. Yebbooo if you can see it on a 244p shitty camera the cops with all their flashlights could see it too

  11. Not that it's justified but any oppressed minority's hatred of their oppressor is understandable. You yourself admit systematic racism is a thing. That's why white people are and should be held to a higher standard when it comes to racism. White people in America are not oppressed systematically due to the color of their skin. This post is just race baiting. You literally posted this with the intention of calling out black people for being racist as well. You're part of the problem.

  12. You're literally saying because of the colour of a group of peoples skin, they "are" and "should" be treated differently..... Sound familiar?

  13. Stick your ass out and try out your ears between your arms and look behind you

  14. I call it the Marge Simpson, more specifically when it all burns but the ash stays, that's like a half Marge

  15. I love my family but I don't know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings or unsubscribe from this movie.

  16. That's why he's helping her out, suspension can't take much more...

  17. Yo who tf are you my guy, get tf out of here. We get 13.5 hours of no power per day because of political shenanigans, not because of a racial group or type of person. Do you KNOW how long 13.5 hours is, especially when it is strategically timed to be at the times you'd need power the most... Aka 8pm-12:30am, that's our most common4.5 hour slot.

  18. My overarching point was; "how do you contribute to solving the problem?".

  19. What are we supposed to do? We vote against ANC (or whatever you vote for) time and time again,each person votes for promises that they hope to be delivered. That is all one can do in a democracy until a national consensus is reached amongst the common man and we can make a change. Can't do anything until everybody is on the same page or it will just be weaponised against us. See America for example, some are "doing something" about their "right to bare arms", while others believe them to be idiots and the government just uses it as a tool.

  20. Why stage this, like it would still hurt...? But you can clearly see him straighten his feet to let it off

  21. I feel like a lot of people miss the core issue with the whole "AI will take over the world" thing. The one question left in answered is why would an AI even care to do that, it needs drive, motive. We have natural problems, like death, why would an AI go through evolutionary problems that cause it to value its own life for some reason, especially when it wouldn't be able to perceive time, so "dying" wouldn't be an issue to it as it has "lived" forever...

  22. Can't argue that, but also CS does help a lot when it comes to planning projects let's be honest...

  23. Knowing what you can do is a crucial part of planning projects. Do a quick google search for “coding project ideas” or something like that and you will find the wildest mix of results. While there are ways to narrow them down, I often find it easier to just make up my own projects. And of course, when the project is already predetermined (like for work, coding problems/challenges, etc.), coding helps you plan out how to make said project.

  24. Oh no I mean once you have a project idea, knowing the basis of computer science allows you to structure your backend, frontend, whatever is needed then googling allows you to find a good framework for the goals you have in mind from your CS knowledge then using the docs to complete the project and knowing where to look also comes from CS

  25. Just look at his profile, kind of icky imo. Almost doxed himself in multiple ways too.

  26. Purposefully sending explicit pictures in seemingly innocent ways is a common form of sexual harassment.

  27. Yeah that's probably very true, Idk if OP could prove it but I think it'd be wrong w this harsh a punishment if he is truthful

  28. But... But they made a mistake in their correction, "if I'd have know, ..."

  29. Racists pigs being racist pigs. The time of racial, sexual, economic, literally any classification for the means of harm is over. We need to stop saying "racist white man attacks black boy", just racist pig attacks innocent person. The more we segregate people by using their race the more we open the door to future incidents. Not because they are white do I say don't identify them as such, I just believe it in itself perpetrates the idea that because of the colour of your skin a prediction about your actions can be made (I say this purely because when you identify a race you could anger more people of such race, not that that is justified especially considering the history of SA, it just causes more unrest than addressing the issue directly). At least this happened in South Africa where our Constitution will not let these men go, they will see the full force of the justice system established by Mandela.

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