Los Angeles driver has his car looted after an accident. When he drives to drive away, he hits another car and his dragged from his.

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  1. This took me a bit to learn too. Gotta learn to actually 'press' on your eye a bit so you have friction on the contact and actually take it out. I just slide mind down and/or over and as soon as it buckles a bit I just press a little and pluck it off the surface. I say this now like it's easy, but I know it took time.

  2. Tysm i slid it down a bit and it worked instantly!!

  3. Is that the full prescription? Does your glasses prescription also mention other numbers on it to correct astigmatism?

  4. Something about cyl (cylinder?)on my eye doctors prescription, +.75 for my right eye and +.50 for my left

  5. Can’t be, he’s only 1 year old!

  6. So if the displacement is -3m it is technically smaller (-3 < 0) than an object with 0m displacement. What you are thinking about is probably the distance travelled which would be 3m which is greater than 0m. However for vector quantities it‘s not really common to say greater or smaller if it is negative because usually you‘d only be comparing magnitude (distance from origin) or something like that.

  7. Thanks so much for the quick response! So just to clarify, an object with a -3m displacement has a greater distance from its starting point but lesser displacement than a 0m displaced object?

  8. Problem is, some are extreeeemely well shut! So if you lose the opener, kind of hard to get it open.

  9. Dude I have one in my fridge for months and I still can’t open it

  10. Previous Link is Down. Here is the new link with all the Spotify++ ipa file versions.

  11. How exactly do you download it? I get to the “open in” page and then have no idea where to go

  12. Yeahh I got it through this video

  13. I’m starting this year too, I haven’t done any form of running events since the 7th grade and I have no form, and no knowledges of stretches. I’m a sophomore in high school and this will be my first year really running. I’m still working on getting in shape, and I’m exited to start a sport seriously.

  14. Yes lampoon my teeth were extremely white after using ‘em for two months

  15. I also have this issue. I cannot gain access to my Instagram account I've had for almost 10 years and I'm so sad about it. I'll let you know if I find a solution!

  16. Ok so I did find a solution that worked for me, but it may be inaccessible to you, I'm not sure

  17. Oh that is so good to know! Thank you for letting me know! :) I've been abroad so I've been using a different sim card, and I wonder if that could be causing any issues! I'll try using my US sim card when I get back and see if that fixes the issues! Thanks again! And happy birthday! :)

  18. Delete and reinstall the app, worked for me!

  19. Yes. Anything from his mouth. But it seems like he held it in or something. Freaked me out

  20. No worries, they rarely make any noise anyway when hiccupping

  21. Is this legit advice or a joke

  22. Use an adblocker and the website nineanime .to but the 'nine' has to be a numerical 9

  23. Doctor here. Please go to a vet. Keep us posted.

  24. Didn’t you guys just shoot up a school? Republicans, fix your shit

  25. Shooters' entire family were registered democrats LOL

  26. Post this again on this god damn subreddit, i dare you

  27. how do they check for hernias in women?

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