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  1. Most of the time I play 2s now its with the same person on comms so we are pretty good with eachothers rotations, my issue with 1s is it infuriates me really really bad but I do wanna get better, it's supposed to improve consistency a lot isn't it?

  2. Try it and see if it works for you. Everyone's different. If you notice a real lack in 1v1 skills then it might be worth it. I usually fluctuate between C3 and GC1 when I play 1s, but I can't dribble or flick to save my life, let alone ground to air dribble. It kind of showed some increased ball control in other modes, but it wasn't something that was super noticeable, imo. I would never tell anyone to grind 1s to get better at another game mode unless they absolute enjoyed playing 1s, or if they played so much Rocket League that grinding 1s wouldn't get in the way of them continuing to regularly play their intended primary game mode. But, again, people are different.

  3. See I generally hate ones so much, like so so much, but currently and this might sound ridiculous, my consistency I'd happily say ranges from mid C2 - high GC1 when I'm playing insane, and I figure that 1s might help that maybe? Or I'm hoping someone can tell me if it'll help 😂😂

  4. Idk. That sort of fluctuation is pretty large, so it indicates inconsistency somewhere. Usually, it's not mechanical unless you don't play the game regularly. My guess would be that it's mental, but I don't know you. There's no harm in giving 1s a shot. Just don't let it burn you out if you don't enjoy it.

  5. Only look at the right half. Thats consistent to me. The timeline is long

  6. Yeah - the right half is what I was referring to.

  7. so 3 months of staying in c2 isn't consistent?

  8. I mean, if you want to talk 3 months, it really just looks like you're consistently riding the line between C1 and C2 with some fluctuation up to almost a rank in either direction. Like I said, you're well within your normal level of fluctuation.

  9. Rotation is essentially a subjective set of rules that allow for a team to move in unison and stay organized. Any decision that disrupts your team's organization is bad rotation. Any decision that keeps things moving smoothly and effectively is good rotation. While much of rotation is very much subjective, there is a general foundation that should be learned as is pretty much universally agreed upon as an effective structure.

  10. OP, listen to this. Specifically the part about passive play. Yes, you can rank up by playing a bit more passive. This only works for so long though. A good rotation means 3 people playing offense and 3 people playing defense. Last man needs to be up far enough to contribute to the play and back far enough to stop a ball from getting past them. Just sitting back relieves a lot of offensive pressure and will make it difficult to score at higher ranks when you need the full team pulling defenders out of position and boost starving them to score. Watch videos, read guides, but ignore advice meant to get you to X rank because while it may work to get you there it will inhibit overall growth and slow your progress in the long run.

  11. Well-said. There are short-term shortcuts and there are long-term shortcuts. Effective long-term growth is the right choice.

  12. Do whatever you want to do. It's not like you need things like flip resets at GC1.

  13. huh i thought gc1 was the area where you should learn flip resets, what would you think is the appropriate rank to learn it

  14. You can learn it whenever, I'm just saying that it's not like some necessary skill, or even something that you see constantly being used. I sure as hell can't flip reset. I can't double tap at a high enough level to ever get the opportunity at my level. I can't really air dribble. I certainly can't dribble or flick the ball consistently, let alone in a game. I was in GC for years before I even learned to half-flip as well, because the half-flip isn't even a necessary skill. None of those things are necessary. They can be useful if you're really good at them, but they're not necessary. There are a lot of ways to be good, and mastering the basics is something that players usually overlook because they feel they need to be able to do all of these fancy things that they just don't need. You should play the game in a way that you enjoy, of course, and improvement anywhere can lead to competitive improvement. But if you ask people about fancy mechanics, specifically, with regards to ranking up, they're probably going to point out to you that they're unnecessary and focusing on them is often a good way to slow down your progress and develop bad habits. But that depends on how you actually use the skill in-game.

  15. I feel like a lot of people get stuck with so many hours simply for a lack of intentional practice. If you're not constantly making yourself uncomfortable then you're just going to get stuck in your bad habits and make them more and more difficult to fix. In any case, it is what it is. Sometimes you lose passion for games you love and it's just nostalgia you're holding on to. I'm sure you'll move on to something better for you, so good luck to you.

  16. I think you need to figure out how to control your emotions. A few unlucky encounters happen the same way a few lucky encounters happen. Don't worry about what you can't control. You don't get stuck several ranks below where you belong by pure luck, though.

  17. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. It doesn't matter how you lose; you lose the same amount of rank regardless. Leaving is the same as driving in circles until the game ends, except you might actually be flagged for AFK if you're just driving in circles and reported.

  18. It's a bug. Try changing leaders, leaving and rejoining the party, etc.

  19. There is no catchup mechanic for players that close in rank. If you're playing together then you're gaining and losing the same amount of rank points each game. If your friend wants to rank up then they need to play solo.

  20. If you're getting lag switched then your entire team should be flipping out. Otherwise, it's probably just your connection. In either case, you should look into your own connection.

  21. I've always found solo queueing to be the easier route to ranking up, back when I used to care about rank. I had to solo queue to every highest rank I ever achieved in standard modes. People have this notion that parties create some sort of advantage. I've never found that to be the case. I've found that parties can create a lot more problems, if anything, for the average team. It depends mostly on the mentality of the players involved, but I've found that it's mostly true. Feeling comfortable with someone doesn't mean that you're playing the game better. It can often make your play more reckless versus solo queue where you're kind of forced to be more focused. It's mostly mental. I focus better on my own versus when I'm playing with friends. I'm able to focus on myself and ignore my teammates, and their mistakes hold very little weight because each game is a fresh start and I know that my consistent level of play is what determines where my rank goes.

  22. I think it sucks that they did away with the tradition. I think it's especially unfair that people attending probably didn't get the pro items that everyone else got by being able to stream and play. But you didn't go to LAN for the wheels. You went there for the experience.

  23. By "ground dribbling" do you mean balancing the car on top of your car? I assume so, if your next step is flicks.

  24. Yeah I meant that, what is generally called then? Dribbles? Anyways I am indeed training in the way you mentioned : Wayton's pack has levels, level 1 : keep the ball on car in a perfectly straight line without boost for ten times, then with boost for ten times then level 3 balance the ball without boost but this time it spawns the ball off center so you have to steer right and left as well and that's where I have been stuck the most.

  25. Yeah - I suppose I consider a "ground dribble" to be dribbling the ball while the ball is on the ground. Continue practicing without boost until you can balance the ball for at least 30 seconds; probably longer. Look at the circle on the ground to balance the ball instead of looking at the ball itself.

  26. There is no elimination of input lag on a monitor with whatever console, but maybe a reduction. Too many factors to generalize here, what Controller, wired or not, the platform, V-Sync, refreshing rate, and often even just the game. Yet most setups have a cap you can reach in terms of input lag, there are charts listing those for PC-Players for example, in case of the Nintendo Switch you will never be able to eliminate (or even get the bare minimum of a "seriously playable") input lag with whatever setup.

  27. Well, yeah, I didn't say you could eliminate input lag completely. You can't even do that on PC. I just used relative terminology. If a PS4 player, for example, were to buy a monitor to play with, they'd experience virtually the same input lag as they would if switching to PC. I know this because I made the switch from PS4 to PC and swapped back and forth between platforms often within the same session without any trouble. I actually preferred PS4 with a monitor to PC for quite a while. Obviously there are differences in terms of refresh rate and various other settings, but those are generally insignificant compared to the difference you get from switching to a monitor. I don't know what it would look like for switch. I do know what it looks like for PS.

  28. Don't sponsorships usually work the other way around? In other words, Psyonix paid to advertise on their jerseys, and so they might not get revenue beyond advertising.

  29. The most common use of wave-dashing is when transitioning from the wall to the ground. Instead of driving along the curved ramp, you jump off the wall to save yourself time. This gives you the opportunity to wave dash and pick up a boost of speed once you land.

  30. It is essentially to be able to boost and jump at the same time. People who stick with the default jump and boost buttons (X and O on PS controller) are able to jump and boost simultaneously by using their thumb to press and control both buttons. So, the thumb essentially covers both buttons and pressing one while pressing the other requires a shift in weight. If you can't jump and boost simultaneously with that setup, you should move one of those bindings. One pretty common thing that people do is move boost to the R1 button.

  31. Besides the obvious "opponents quick chat me 5x more" being translated as "my opponent will forfeit if we're toxic towards them; must be a novelty account" I think it's an interesting experiment. However, saying that you weren't toxic is kind of debatable. I mean, your threshold for toxic is pretty mild in several cases, so if they weren't actively giving up on you or throwing the match, then I'd have a hard time arguing that throwing the match yourself wasn't the more toxic move. You could have reduced that 0.5% even further if you responded to mild toxicity with positivity.

  32. Not at all, many people actually get carried to higher ranks and it’s noticeable

  33. If you're constantly complaining about your teammates, then you're probably the bad teammate. Either that or you're too full of ego to own responsibility. Which one is true for you? Idk. Probably both. But maybe you'll eventually figure it out and allow yourself to stop being held back by the weight of all that.

  34. I literally play around the way they play but they literally don’t allow me to by bumping into me when I try to save it and stuff like that, I didn’t have this problem when playing with a homie. Can’t play with them anymore cause they don’t ever get on anymore.

  35. This is the ignorance I'm talking about. Your teammates are going to make dozens of mistakes each game. That's just a given at every level of the game. You, too, are going to make dozens of mistakes each game. You can choose to focus on your teammate's mistakes or you can choose to accept that mistakes are inevitable and that each player is going to have different strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles, or you can just complain about it as if you're completely helpless.

  36. I'm not sure if you're implying the other team cheated, but it looks like you're the only one that was lagging where as their ping was always high. It's pretty normal to play cross region in Hoops.

  37. i beat them by a lot a couple games before this, and I tried reconnecting but it said the match concluded so my team mate also got disconnected at the same time. they also got mmr from this which means they didn't get disconnected because we had the lead

  38. Sure. But, again, you can see the difference in latency between you and your teammate. This wasn't a DDOS attack. The much more likely answer here is that your teammate voluntarily abandoned the match after you left. In this video alone you can see over 20 seconds of play that you were very much sitting there idle from your teammate's perspective, and this is before you even left. Who knows what happens in those 20 seconds plus whatever time it took you to finally disconnect and attempt a reconnect? It's not exactly unusual for a teammate to leave quickly if they think they were abandoned. The evidence isn't there to suggest anything nefarious.

  39. Train if you want to train and if you feel stuck. You can progress efficiently just by playing ranked if you're deliberately focusing on things to improve. I was never much of a trainer and I progressed just fine. But I also don't rely much on my mechanics.

  40. It depends what you're playing on. Not all input lag is equivalent. If you're playing your console on a computer monitor, the difference between PC and console will be pretty negligible. If you're playing your console on a TV, you'll probably have a noticeable amount of input lag, depending on the TV, if you're in gaming mode, and so on.

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