my father set a password..... to the fucking thermostat

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. If you’re able to turn off your thoughts, it just happens. I think the issue with most people is anxiety and stress, so they’re not able to turn off their brains.

  2. Me. My wife has the prodigious ability to sleep in a matter of seconds, after laying in bed. I have random insomnia (now almost solved thru melatonin and meditation). But I usually need 30 minutes to sleep, she need 30 seconds.

  3. Hell, I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a crowded football stadium before. Some people are just blessed with that ability

  4. Did you not see the part where I said this was during COVID and all in person dining was closed?

  5. Check still gonna be shit with all that OT and taxes.

  6. The check is still bigger than it would be without OT.

  7. You probably work more hours at a second job than you work overtime hours.

  8. Also smart people are just more socially progressive. I'm sure there are homophobes out there with engineering degrees but probably not a ton lol

  9. My dad has taught me that this isn’t always true. PhD in chemistry but the guy couldn’t be more socially conservative if he tried. He definitely fell for the affirmative action narrative

  10. I feel like Trump is absolutely a flight risk. Dude will be on the way to Moscow in a moments notice and his kids will be fortunate to be near enough to the plane before it takes off

  11. Watch him do this and then still hold his dumb rallies over Zoom while he’s hiding away in Russia. He’d complain that he has to do it this way, since the evil democrats want to lock him up and silence him.

  12. you feel sorry for people making $30 an hour, making their own hours, no boss, no cameras, getting prime $ back on mileage?

  13. Yeah I do. $30 a hour isn’t enough to use your own vehicle for delivery

  14. do you not understand how mileage is calculated as a contractor?

  15. Yes, I understand you get to write it off your taxes. That doesn’t make it worth it for how little flex pays. Why do you think massive corporations are embracing gig work like flex drivers so much? They get to pass off nearly all of their business costs to random people off the street.

  16. They’re fine after, you just dump the bucket outside

  17. The one in St. George is even crazier for polygamists Source: I lived near St George growing up.

  18. You gain the ability to be paged every time the remix truck shows up

  19. Honestly I’d rather do that than stock shelves. Gets me out of the bitch work

  20. The problem with what you said is "and still be safe for people on normal bikes." It's (generally) faster than a bike and slower than a motorcycle. I don't have a solution other than regulation and, most importantly, enforcement. I honestly think people should be required to wear helmets, no passengers, etc. and have a license (with an actual test, not a form you fill out). I live in North County and, as another commenter pointed out, it's e-bike Amsterdam without the infrastructure. The local kids (and adults tbh) around here are constantly buzzing me on the sidewalk when I walk/run, and it's becoming a real hazard.

  21. You completely missed the second paragraph I wrote. We need to build better bike lanes and infrastructure so that it’s safe for both ebikes and regular bikes. Install barriers. Physically isolate the bike lanes from the road. Give the ebikes a place to cruise at 25+ mph while keeping them away from bicycles that also doesn’t put them in the street mixed with cars going twice as fast as the ebikes.

  22. No I didn't. I ignored it because it's unrealistic. We don't even have basic infrastructure for pedestrians, let alone non-electric bikes. Piling on an extra lane/infrastructure solely for e-bikes is a pipe dream. I don't disagree with your take, I just think that it's like saying we need a robust public transportation system in all of SD county. Definitely useful and would solve a lot of problems, but getting it going would be next to impossible.

  23. If nobody talks about these things, it guarantees they’ll never happen. If enough people talk about this stuff and start asking for it, it can happen. Local politics can be influenced this way, much easier than state and national politics can.

  24. Amazon doesn't care about weed anymore, anything else they do. They're desperate for workers and stopped caring about weed a while ago I believe.

  25. This is not true. Plenty of DSPs still test for THC. Amazon just doesn’t mandate testing for THC anymore. DSPs get cheaper insurance if they test for TCH, so many still do

  26. It’s funny rewatching old episodes and seeing somebody and knowing that they’ll end up being one of the first people on Mars.

  27. You can narrow it down to within an inch or two but not much better

  28. That’s a big difference in speedometer reading and clearance in wheel well.

  29. Yeah, which is why these measurements don’t work. I thought that was obvious

  30. At least we have Artemis, and the private space sector is exploding right now. It’s at least a ray of hope.

  31. Yeah, 50 years later. Probably a little later than most people back then would’ve expected

  32. San Diego mfs see rain and go "is this a fire?"

  33. I mean, at this point we get more fires than we do rain…

  34. I looked up when black widow released and yeah that adds up now, feels like it’s been like 3 years since it came out

  35. Probably because they dragged their ass on releasing that movie all through the pandemic

  36. Using a smart phone, especially one you’re not familiar with, is a skill. People can have bad eye sight or mobility issues that affect how well they hold the phone, which all contribute to the quality of the picture. It takes an asshole to complain about someone doing them a favour. Not everyone is living the same life as you and has the same capabilities but it does take a bit of intelligence to comprehend that, so hopefully you’ll get there soon.

  37. Nope. Android and iPhone’s camera apps both work exactly the same. Click one button and you’re done. If somebody’s got bad eyesight why the hell did they agree to take a picture?

  38. If someone can be bad at it, and you can get better with practice, then logically it’s a skill.

  39. How is practice going to help you get better at tapping a button? I still think that you think I’m talking about doing crazy in depth photography. I’m not.

  40. Because most people are used to eating every 6 hours. It’s all they know, and their bodies don’t like when it changes.

  41. This is normal? MPG is an average, your car doesn’t get 40 mpg while you’re accelerating. My prime usually drops into single digit MPGs when I’m accelerating hard.

  42. Yes, but they didn't donate all their spy planes as well. All the detailed imagery you see on things like Google Maps comes from cars or planes, not satellites.

  43. US DoD has spy satellites that get way better resolution than what’s on Google maps.

  44. DoD has spy planes that get way better resolution than that, because they exist in the same universe where distance is a factor in resolution.

  45. Yeah, maybe. Can’t fly a U-2 just anywhere though

  46. I don’t want a cop anywhere near my car if I can help it. I’ll keep paying for aaa…

  47. It didnt sound like anything was wrong while I was driving before I pulled over, does it matter ?

  48. Yes, it does matter. Your engine went ten minutes without lubrication. Even if it’s not making noise yet, the damage is done.

  49. My thermostat guages the temperature from the intake, not the thermostat itself. Is that not standard?

  50. For new installs with modern equipment it’s probably normal. For old school analog thermostats it’s normal to have the thermostat be the temp sensor.

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