1. I always laugh when chatting about prog fantasy because of how absurd we are sometimes.

  2. And it getting better is starting to give characters personalities and emotions

  3. Such as? Happy to have my view changed. I neither smoke nor vape (used to smoke, never vaped) so I've no horse in this race as it were!

  4. https://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20190130/vaping-tied-to-rise-in-stroke-heart-attack-risk#1

  5. Fancy a tenner on that being correlation (long term smokers who switched to vapes after the damage was done) rather than causation?

  6. Again, haven't done much research on this and would have to look at a study to be sure, but I believe it's primarily the nicotine that raises your risk for a heart attack/stroke by raising your blood pressure and not the other toxins in ciggerettes, which vapes provide just as much of if not more of than a ciggerette, and more conveniently and easily (don't have to roll/can smoke inside)

  7. Really Need to replace this earring as I'm semi responsible for them losing the other and It's a gift from a friend's grandmother

  8. Stereotyping implies it's false. Also American isn't a race.

  9. Xenophobia has started to be referred as racism by most people.

  10. Because it's tokenism. They're not doing it to show that there are lots of different types bodies out there, they're doing it to score points with their customers. They're not saying "we love this model, we don't care that she's in a wheelchair" they're saying "ok so we had a fat chick, an old hag and someone in a wheelchair last time, for this campaign, can we get someone with vtiligo and an amputee?"

  11. Yeah they should do it of their own free will rather than fear of backlash or profit incentive, likewise shops should be able to discriminate on the basis of race exclusively because they want to and not because the law makes them.

  12. Can you explain why things shouldn't be punished?

  13. Punished for the sake of deterrence yes, for the sake of "justice", no.

  14. Yeah, the best way I’ve heard it described is that they’re just moving money from one pocket to the other and getting a tax break with it.

  15. They don't get to spend any of the money that their charities spend, and they just don't pay tax on the money they give to those charities it doesn't save them any additional tax.

  16. I think what you said is my issue: the people in that stopped traffic, the art fans who were squeamish about the Van Gogh painting, and so on are well aware of the problem. And most agree things need to change. I don't think JSO are raising awareness much at all. We already know!

  17. People worrying about other things first is a misconception that needs to be changed, if very drastic measures are not taken within the next ten years, 1.2 billion people will lose their homes and lively hood, there is almost no cost that is not worth preventing that.

  18. I have less than 10mbps and pay £30 a month. I can't get them to go lower and have hit a brick wall trying to get fibre between my fucking useless housing association and BT

  19. Am I wrong or did kuku trap ana in sprout and kill him in that second game

  20. Originally I thought(and typed out) he became boring and his videos became stale, I think really I grew out of his vids but his community got really bad over the years. The community bending over backwards with "it's just a joke" defense anytime when legit criticism to towards his vids or his behavior.

  21. I would say it is definitely the favorite but against lineups that have heavy saves (grave, disruption, astral ) and where you don't want to solely rely on Chrono, the 70 bonus bash is pretty solid.

  22. Does 70 more bash damage not add up to like an average of 17 damage a hit, why would you ever take that

  23. I get that this is sarcastic but they do listen, Reddit was complaining about cheating, new player experience, smurfs, and spring cleaning. And they did do something about each of those things.

  24. Obviously those problem was solved I don't think that's possible, but they did create overwatch, they did release a blog post stating that they were making smurfing a bannable offense, and they did release a spring cleaning patch, and create a GitHub forum for bugs to be submitted.

  25. My only problem with plant milk is that its very bad for you

  26. Nope, part 2 contents are already in the BP it’s just labelled as “coming soon”

  27. They only releaseD one BP in 2020/2021, and they released three including this one this year.

  28. Yeah community streams can still watch on DotaTV

  29. They were never in the lead, at that point alch already had radiance AND bkb, they were on a timer and they missed it

  30. Where are all the goobers who defended the Alliance invite with "it's a third party tournament"

  31. it's a third party tournament though, alliance being shit doesn't mean esl doesn't have the right to invite them

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