1. Depends on how you feed. Not sure I would bottom feed using liquid Nutes, otherwise your plant is sitting in that nasty salt filled runoff water. But with dry amendments, absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Now I have that dumb song playing in my head over and over “Co-stanza”

  3. Could that be more hilarious and depressing at the same time? Idk if to laugh or cry

  4. Your comments show you are the enemy of the Ukranian people because you are only interested in promoting inflammatory propaganda and lies while attempting to criticise and discredit people who post accurate information.

  5. then you got that bitch from dancing with the stars trying to flee

  6. true true. I just don't want that shit falling off. im currently holding it to the stem and getting fat rips off of it. I don't wanna risk getting burnt again lol

  7. No idea but that rock sort of looks like a drumstick.

  8. I use the three chamber cylinder one with a chalk gun for pressure and it works like a charm

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