Week 14 Video: Jets x Bills

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  1. Bills fans both, my wife and I disagreed on this one.

  2. We have the worst fans it’s like anytime there’s an inch of snow they have to stop play so that the ref can correct the mafias behavior. Completely unacceptable we should’ve been sold to Jon Bon Jovi and shipped to Canada so the Bills could finally have a fan base worthy of the NFLs holiness. Said. No. One. Ever.

  3. Since when is it appropriate to throw anything on an active playing field? It’s trashy and dumb and that’s coming from a dumb trashy person

  4. I know crocodiles don’t have thumbs so this must be a crackhead. If you “wish it were colder” then it gets colder that’s on yall. Keep complaining it’s rent freeee

  5. Yes, I know that people in Buffalo are intellectually challenged, but I promise you that "garnered" is a word.

  6. Hey choade is a word too and would better describe the energy exuberant by the dolphins on Saturday when they came up short. I wish it were colder too!!

  7. Still it had me shaking in the stands until the final second, great game.

  8. Can’t get over the New York Titans moved to Tennessee still smh

  9. He never got into the Native American mythology. You can smoke the peace pipe till your dick falls off, but he’s not dancin with any wolves no matter how high he gets. Not that he gets high, but if he did his shit would still believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ

  10. Druhlon deez balls hahaha I didn’t think ganga goo was a real thing 💀 I just drink coffee and weed butter

  11. Gracie passed the rainbow bridge on July 5th :( I’m happy she’s still spreading cuteness

  12. Dozens of us!! 🦬🐌

  13. That's all it takes to beat the Billy goats. Just 2 points more than Josh Allen and his "Super Bowl quality" offense could muster

  14. What more embarrassing having an “injured back” for 14 more weeks or kicking a punt into your own player?

  15. What’s it like hanging your hat on a AFC division championship?

  16. Brady would’ve had 7 if the lions drafted him get use to being a poverty franchise with mcCorkle

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