1. In 1986 I was 8 years old.. This was the first woman I found attractive and I remember it clearly

  2. Mccurleys Mercedes in Kennewick, wa has no mark up. Just bought a 2023 AWD 170 HO for MSRP

  3. I have a new 2023 AWD 170 with the HO. I’ve put about 1000 miles on it. Surprised by the power. Good gas mileage. Happy with it so far. This is my first sprinter van but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m not much of a reviewer sorry.

  4. I took my headphones off as soon as they announced he was coming on. He’s quite the yapper.

  5. Come out west. We have lots of everything. And we’ll accept and help you. As long as you’re not an asshole. Edit: the rest

  6. The matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is the sixth version.

  7. Believe he's part of some comedy podcasting deal

  8. Bobby Pantera is his name. He used call in a lot in the waning days of R&F. I think Ron likes him a lot.

  9. Waning days? He was there since dot com days.

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